Serenata Flowers Hamper Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello Daydreamers!

*This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

I was contacted by the lovely people at Serenata Flowers and I was asked if I'd like to choose an item from their beautiful collection of hampers and also choose something for you lovely lot to win in a giveaway! 
The collection of hampers really is stunning, you can find all the special occasion hampers here 
So, the hamper I chose was of course the Pink one! I loved the look of this hamper because the items inside are all tea-party themed. I'm a typical Brit and a lover of tea and biscuits and all things sweet so this hamper literally included all the things I love!

Inside the basket is...
  • A packet of chocolate and raspberry biscuits for tea- very crunchy and satisfying
  • A box of sweet caramalised nut pralines- super creamy and melt-in-the-mouth
  • A jar of plum preserve- delicious with scones and butter
  • A jar of strawberry preserve- equally delicious with scones and butter!
  • A floral tin of English breakfast tea- super refreshing

Whilst admiring the cute basket which holds all the goodies, I came to the realisation that it would be PERFECT for storing my LUSH bath bombs.

  The colour of the basket matches my room beautifully so it is now sitting pride of place on my dressing table, surrounded by fairy lights with sweet scented pastel bath bombs resting on the straw paper!

Serenata Flowers sell many gifts, all of which can be delivered directly to the recipients door (or yours if you're treating yourself!) 
They sell flowers, hampers, chocolates, wine and plants.
Now for the giveaway!
The lovely people over at Serenata Flowers allowed me to choose an item for one of my little Daydreamers to win! 
I decided to go with a Time For Tea Trug hamper because I figured it would be fun for you to win an item that I've just reviewed.

All you need to do to win is complete the raffle copter below!
The winners details will be passed onto Serenata Flowers so that their prize can be sent directly : )
I hope this was a helpful review lovelies and good luck with the giveaway!

Blogging on a Budget! (Weekend Writers)

Hello Daydreamers!

 Sometimes blogging can be hard when money is tight. 

If you're a super successful blogger with many followers clicking on your ads (and have had lots of other oppurtunaties to make money from your blog) you may find that blogging actually makes you money. If however, you're like I and the majority of bloggers out there, you may find that blogging with a small budget can become an issue. 

 I've noticed that Beauty bloggers seem to have this problem the most because unlike other types of blogs E.g parenting bloggers, the thing we blog about (makeup and skincare) is expensive and not necessarily essential- although many of us may claim it is ; )

  So here are some ways to keep your blog going when you're low on funds.

Free product reviews
Many companies offer the chance to connect with brands and receive products free of charge in return for a review. These are great because not only are you getting a free item, you're also getting something to write about on your blog. 
Bloggers Required and TheBloggerHangout are both great for gifting opportunities.
Bloggers required offer sponsored post opportunities and the bloggers hangout is a super fun website packed with all the best up and coming brands. 

Look for beauty/ fashion bargains
 It can seem like everyone's blogging about the latest naked pallet but don't feel like you need to splash out on the latest fashion/ beauty craze, it can be super fun to be different and share your thrifty finds! 
Your followers will enjoy reading something different and useful.

Write posts about things you already have
This one is pretty obvious but writing about a product that you've owned for weeks and know everything about can make a really thorough and informative review. FOTDs can also be fun and of course are free to make. Some other free posts which are super popular are 'whats in my makeup storage' or a 'room tour' and a 'wardrobe de-clutter/ season changeover clothes'

Write a day in the life
Even if you think you have the most boring life, trust me, people love to see snapshots of your day. We're all nosey and enjoy seeing other peoples weekend/ everyday life. If you write or have written a day on the life, feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll check it out : )

Use social media to promote your blog
Advertising on other blogs/webpages is awesome but it's also not to everyone's budget. Use social media to you advantage twitter, instagram and pinterest are all fabulous for sharing your work. I've found that Pinterest in particular is fab because you don't have to have huge following to get noticed and you can provide links to particular pages on your blog. You can also trade blog space with other bloggers which is free and will offer you the chance to gain followers.

So I hope that some of these tips come in handy for you lovely lot in the future!

Thanks for visiting my loves
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 40 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas
40 Beauty Blog Post Ideas
Autumn Blog Post Ideas

Maria Nila Hair Products Review!

Hello Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

In today's post, I'm going to be talking about a wonderful hair care brand called Maria Nila.
You may or may not have heard of this company before but you certainly will be hearing more of them in the near future. They're an up and coming brand who originate from Sweeden and are new to the UK.
 I was contacted by the lovely Lauren from Sallys Salon Services was and asked if I'd like to try out a selection Maria Nila products. I'd already fallen in love with the delicate pastel packaging of these products and also noted that many of the products would be super useful to use on my clients hair so I accepted!

All this company's products are paraben and sulphate free and are all made with 100% vegan products.


The range includes 
  • Specialty shampoos and conditioners E.g colour treated hair of flat hair in need of volume
  • A range of structure repair masks 
  • And 300ml bottles of semi permanent colour refresh treatments!
Colour Refresh Treatments

So, onto the exclusive range of colour refresh products. These products temporarily refresh your hair colour or even allow you to go for something completely new (like pastel Pink for example) without having to commit to anything. They refresh and revitalize hair to give a salon finish from your home and successfully stays in your hair for 4-10 washes depending on the current condition and porosity of your hair.
This product would be great for the mobile hairdressers out there like me who have clients that are quite indecisive and are always wanting to try something new.
I received the colour refresh in 'Sand' which as you'd imagine, gives the hair a lovely beige sandy tone. For all the hairdressers out there, this colour treatment gives the hair a temporary look of base 8 with tones 32. On each bottle, the base and tone of that particular treatment is printed in the bottom right corner.

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner  

When I tried out this shampoo and conditioner, I was expecting its moisturising properties to be lacking as that's normally the case with volumising products. I was completely wrong, this pair left my hair weightless, shiny and super moisturised without it feeling 'weighed down'. The scent is delightful, the colour of both products is baby pink and a little goes a very long way. It also features a colour guard complex which means your artificial colour wont be fading any time soon!

 Structure Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

 Whilst also having the colour guard complex, the structure repair range also promises to rebuild, protect and soften damaged hair with repairing algae. I noticed that after using this, my hair was far more shiny than usual and when I was straightening it, it felt stronger (I'm not sure if I was just imagining this but it truly did feel thick and strong.)
The scent of the pair is identical and super sweet; it reminds me of dolly mixtures which I think is perfectly suited to the pastel packaging. The scent is not sickly sweet or overly pungent but it did last on my hair and I didn't even bother wearing perfume the day I used this because I already smelled sweet : ) 

Volume Hair Mask

And finally, the pure volume masque. This one is of course a part of the volume range and the scent is very similar. I'd say this one smells a little more creamy than the other products in the range and it is also far more thick than the regular conditioner. When I used this, I applied a generous amount through the mid lengths and ends of my hair, combed it with a tangle teaser, briefly warmed my hair up with my hairdryers (to open the hair cuticle) and wrapped it up in a warm towel. I left it on for 10 minuted before rinsing the masque out. This left my hair so unbelievably shiny, so smooth and freshly scented. This is my favourite product in this fabulous brand and I'd highly recommend it. 
I'm pretty sure this beaut will be featured in my August favourites!

Maria Nila is exclusive to sally stores nationwide and is also available from the Sallys website
If you'd like to know where your nearest sallys store is, click here to be taken to the store finder page on their website. 
Alternatively, you could order your goodies online which is something I'd done many times and an added bonus is that if you're a hair or beauty student or professional, you be able to get products VAT free on the allocated VAT free days 
(I've found this is usually one Thursday per month)

So there we have it, my new addiction haha! 
I loooove this brand and all the products I've tried from their range have been impeccable. I'd strongly urge you give them a whirl : )
 I hope this was a helpful and interesting read for you lovely lot!

20 Blog Post Planning Ideas for Autumn/Fall! (Weekend Writers)

Hello Daydreamers!

It's Friday again, yeesh these weeks are flying by! 
In this weeks weekend writers, I'm making a list of blog posts that are perfect for the months of August and September.

I love this time of year, my birthday in August and then the balmy September nights begin. In my opinion, September is the most beautiful month, I just love the transition from Summer to Autumn! 
Now I know what you're all thinking, "whoa now, we're not even out of August yet and you're already talking about Autumn!?" But my theory is that by making Autumn-themed posts now, you're giving your readers a chance to get ready for the new season.

(Plus I really love Autumn-time and just wanted to get excited for cozy socks and candles!)

So, 20 blog posts which are PERFECT for this time of year...
  • Back to school/ college hair styles
  • Back to school/ college makeup looks
  • New autumn wardrobe (if you live in the northern hemisphere)
  • Autumn home ware
  • Autumn bucket list
  • Christmas Pre- Planning (I know some of you will want to shout NOOO at me right now hehe)
  • Warm Autumn OOTD
  • Best summer 2015 Pictures 
  • New seasn skincare routine 
  • NOTDs 
  • Autumn Wishlist- makeup/clothes/homeware
  • Top 3 favourite moments of summer 2015
  • Pinterest Autumn DIYs
  • Favourite autumn comfort food
  • New wardrobe haul
  • An autumn poem 
  • Summer 2015 holiday or days out summary
  • Books you'll read in autumn
  • Plans for the next season 
  •  Autumn traditions (mine are new pj's, candles and hot chocolate!) 

PS I'm sorry to all the Americans/ Canadians out there, I know you call autumn 'fall' which I honestly think is super cute and far more fitting!
Feel free to read all the 'autumn'-s as 'fall' : )

Hope this is helpful for you lovelies

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Veet EasyWax Kit

Good Afternoon Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)
 Veet EasyWax has been all the rage lately, I'd read several reviews singing its praises and when I was asked if I'd like to give it a whirl, I couldn't decline! 
The electrical roll-on kit is specially designed to give you salon results in your own home. The wax can be heated up which means less pain and better results.

How it works

The wax heating device holds the wax refill can then can be plugged into the electrical mains and after 20 minutes, the wax is warm enough to smoothly glide onto the skin.
The next step is to roll the device along your legs in the direction that the hair grows, then immediately press the paper strip (provided) onto the wax, hold your skin taut, grab the end of the strip and then quickly pull it back on itself to remove the hairs. 


I'll be honest, I was a little terrified to pull the wax strip. I had done some research before trying this out and although there were many fabulous reviews about this particular device, I also come across some horror stories about waxing in general which were pretty unnerving. I honestly think the results vary a lot between different people. My experience wasn't as good as some of the other bloggers however it wasn't too bad either. On the pain front it was a doddle, however I wasn't extremely impressed with how much hair was removed. I would estimate that about 50% of the hair on my legs was removed in one wax and Veet advise that you don't go back to wax area the same area again.


My legs were a little red immediately after the waxing but 4-5 hours later, they were left fairly smooth and exfoliated. I wasn't overly impressed with the amount of hair still left on my legs and when I attempted to remove the stubborn remaining of the hair, I was left with sore red skin, I did have to go over with a razor afterwards. On a positive note, I really liked that the wax could be heated up because in my opinion, this really helped to sooth the skin and reduced pain. 

Overall Thoughts

I think there are many good points to this kit such as the wax can be heated up, it's fairly affordable compard to salon prices and it's very convenient to use in your own home, however I didn't get along with it very well. I know that many people have already wrote really positive reviews singing its praises so it may just be me. 

The kit itself costs £31.48 and refills start at £9.99.

Veet also offer other hair removal items click HERE to find out more. 

I hope this was informative for you lovely lot. 

Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried the Veet EasyWax : )

Maple Holistics Freebies AND Giveaway!

 Hello Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

Today's post is filled with freebies and giveaways- what's not to love!

Maple Holistics are an up and coming skincare and hair care company. 
They asked me if I'd like to try out one of their products and aftr looking on their website, I chose the tea tree shampoo since I've got quite oily hair.
 The shampoo is brilliant, it lathers up super easily, a little bit goes a long way and once it's been rinsed off, you're left with (literally) squeaky clean hair! I used my own conditioner and tangle teaser in conjunction with this and my hair was left oil free for days!

 Maple Holistics say-
"Maple Holistics Tea Tree shampoo takes hair and scalp care to the next level with its advanced balanced formulation which nourishes the scalp and helps to reduce dandruff. The reduction of mild-to-moderate dandruff, clearing of scalp blemishes and the promotion of healthy hair growth are only some of the benefits this therapeutic shampoo offers. This product contains a unique combination of the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oils, carefully selected to ensure maximum efficacy."


Maple Holistics are being sponsored by EduMuch and they're offering you the chance to receive any item from their website in return for an honest amazon review!
 Maple Holistics say...

"We are currently looking for consumers to leave an honest review on the Amazon product page. As a thank-you for your time, we will send you a free product of your choice. This offer is available for all our products. Any Maple Holistics product review is eligible for this promotion."

How fun is that!? Click HERE to find out more about #summerofgiveaways. 


 Maple Holistics also asked me if I'd like to offer you lovely lot a chance to win a shampoo and conditioner, so of course I said yes please! 

I chose the argon oil shampoo and conditioner as I thought it sounded perfect!

 For your chance to win the argon oil shampoo and conditioner, simply complete the rafflecopter below!

PS It's open worldwide : )
a Rafflecopter giveaway

40 Fashion Blog Post Ideas! (Weekend Writers)

Happy Friday Daydreamers!

For this weeks Weekend Writers, I'm making a list of 40 Fashion-related blog post ideas. 

So without further ado, here we go!
  • OOTD
  • Get the look
  • Favourite trends
  • Fashion rules 
  • Work OOTD
  • Lazy day outfit
  • Favourite fashion items  
  • Wardrobe wishlist 
  • Favourite colours for seasons
  • Favourite seasons fashion 
  • Wardrobe/ closet tour
  • Top 5 clothing items
  • Favourite shoes
  • Favourite clothes shops
  • Your most expensive fashion-related item 
  • The best fashion-related bargain you ever bought
  • New fashion trends- love/hate
  • Low end vs high end get the look e.g Primark vs Zara
  • Hauls
  • Special event looks
  • Day to night outfits
  • Everyday look
  • Best dresses for different body shapes
  • One outfit worn 3 different ways
  • Favourite online shops
  • One clothing item you'll wear more often
  • Your holiday packing list
  • Common fashion mistakes
  • A-Z of your wardrobe e.g items listed by colours
  • Fashion makeover
  • Throw back to your style when you were younger
  • What I wore
  • One item you couldn't live without
  • Oldest item of clothing you own
  • Sentimental items of clothing
  • Wardrobe/ closet sort-out
  • Wardrobe/ closet blog sale
  • Celebs with style- your favourite celebs style
  • Ebay bargain finds
  • Favourite/everyday jewellery 
Thanks for reading my loves, I hope this comes in handy for you : )

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A Prestige Flowers Bouquet!

Hello Beautiful Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

As the name of my blog would suggest, I'm a huge fan of flowers. I love photographing pretty petals whether they're wild or arranged. 

The bouquet includes peach avalanche roses, cymbidium orchids with honey germini flowers.

I was sent the most elegant bouquet from the lovely people at Prestige Flowers and I must say a huge thank you, these really brightened up my day : )

 Prestige Flowers is one of UK’s leading online florists, currently voted no. 1 on Reviewcentre editor’s choice for Best Online Florist on Reviewforist. They sell a wide range of fresh flowers, plants and hampers throughout the UK.

  The bouquet I received was from the new Haute Florist range. This is a recently launched range of high quality stems which are arranged in house by highly trained florists. 

You can take a look at the lovely Haute bouquet collection HERE.  
When the bouquet was delivered, it was safely packaged in a gift bag which held the flowers neatly together. The whole bouquet was resting in a sturdy cardboard box with the Prestige Flowers logo printed on the front. Also inside the bag was a glass vase for the flowers to be placed into.

The fragrance from the flowers is also fab, the light and airy perfume filled the room within minutes. The attention to detail is supreme, each individual orchid is trimmed down and has been placed in a green plastic aqua tube, the flower and short stem was placed in a water filled aqua tube, this keeps the flowers from wilting too soon.

This particular Bouquet is called New York and you can find it HERE.
Prestige Flowers say "Presenting the New York bouquet by Haute Florist, exquisite floral artistry hand tied by our professional florists.

The delivery service was very good, I was given the chance to choose the day they'd be delivered and they arrived safely with the royal mail.

Prestige sell lots of other beautiful and thoughtful gifts such as same day flower bouquets, alcoholic gifts, cuddly bears, balloons, vases and huge food hampers!

Thank you so much for reading my loves : )

Flo Accessories Goodies!

 Hello Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

A lovely company called Flo Accessories offered to sent me these LED tweezers, I was super excited because I'd seen this new type of tweezers advertised everywhere but had never tried them out. What I didn't know is that they'd be super generous and also send 2 extra little accessories.

So the tweezers that I really wanted to try out are these shiny deep pink, stainless steel LED illuminating tweezers. They have an LED light built in which allows you to see (and remove) literally every little hair!

Flo Accessories say...
"These high grade stainless steel tweezers will be your favorite on-the-go companion! The bright LED makes grooming easy in every light condition. Made with a high-end, precision material, this airline carry-on approved is a must have accessory"

The tweezers are neatly packaged in a plastic box. On the front, there is a little sticker which reads 'Airline Carry On Approved' there's also a  rounded piece of plastic which clicks over the light button making it impossible for the LED to accidentally switch on whilst in your bag, therefor saving the battery. 
The batteries are also super easy to remove and change.

The other two goodies that Flo Accessories sent was this 14k gold plated perfume necklace 
and a refillable fragrance atomiser

I'd never heard of a fragrance necklace before but thought it looked very snazzy. You simply spray your favourite perfume onto the slow release capsule and then place it into the locket. It will slowly release the scent for up to 6 days. This is fab to take on holiday as you don't have to worry about carrying around a heavy perfume bottle. It's also a fab item to have if you're forgetful like me and often skip the perfume step each morning.

The fragrance atomizer is a small bottle which holds a little bit of your perfume, you can simply decant perfume into the atomizer leaving you with a compact bottle which you can carry around. You can also take this on holiday to save on baggage weight. 
The capacity of this atomizer is 4.7ml which equates to approximately 55 sprays.

All in all, Flo Accessories have some wonderful items available all of which are fab ideas, 
extremely well made and also super cute!

If you'd like to check out more of Flo Accessories, click HERE to be taken to their website : )

Thank you for reading lovelies

Special thanks goes to the bloggers hangout for introducing me to flo cosmetics! 

40 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas! (Weekend Writers)

Good Afternoon Beautiful Daydreamers!

So for this weeks Weekend Writers, I'm making a list of blog post ideas for those of you with Lifestyle blogs. 
I personally think any kind of blog can double up as a lifestyle blog.
So here we go, 40 lifestyle post ideas! 

  • Day in the life
  • Hourly picture post
  • Phone pictures from the week
  • What's in my bag?
  • Wish list
  • Holiday pictures
  • Throw back posts
  • Favourite possession
  • Traditions post
  • Favourite/ most read blogs
  • Favourite websites
  • Favourite shops
  • Tell a story about yourself
  • Favourite food and how to make it/ where it's from
  • A guest post
  • Ways you stay productive
  • Bucket list
  • Holiday traditions
  • Favourite quotes 
  • Shopping haul
  • OOTD
  • FOTD
  • Tutorials
  • Current obsessions
  • Current favourite music/ shows
  • Morning/ nighttime routine
  • Pinterest fails
  • Desk/ room/ house tour
  • Lookbooks
  • Q&A post
  • 10 things you didn’t know about me
  • Currently reading...
  • Challenges
  • Monthly favourites
  • Future plans
  • Bargains/ Money saving tips
  • Favourite photos- new or old
  • First Memories
  • Makeup/ beauty storage
  • Fun day out on a budget
So I hope this will come in helpful for you in the future lovelies!

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Coloristiq Manicure Box- August

Hello Darling Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

I'm super excited for this post because I'm going to be showing you lovely lot a manicure kit from Coloristiq. I was sent this box of goodies in return for a review and I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of these monthly kits in the future!
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of nail polish, and I also love to try out different brands

So, because I was previously unaware of Coloristiq manicure kits, I took a little look at their website and was intrigued to find out the boxes include some high end nail polishes. With nail polishes, I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for and I'll usually try to spend a little more on varnish's when I'm able to do so.

  Inside each box are latest collections from brands including Essie, OPI, Models Own, Color Club, Nails Inc, Sally Hansen and China Glaze to up and coming polishes and accessories from British indie nail polish makers. Each month’s box will have an exciting theme to either go with the season, event or nail polish collection.

The box's contents varies month to month but typically it will consists of three to four full sized bottles of nail polish, one or two mini polishes and a hand care item or a nail related accessory.

The theme for this (Augusts) box is 'Safari' so included in the box was...

  • Essie Snake Skin Repstyle - Snake It Up - nail polish - one bottle – 13.5ml - RRP £9.99
  • Color Club – Wild Cactus - nail polish - one bottle - 15ml - RRP £8.95
  • China Glaze Desert Escape – Don’t Desert Me – one bottle- 14ml - RRP £8.95
  • OPI – In a Holidaze - nail polish - one bottle - 15ml - RRP £13.95
  • Zebra Nail File 80/80 – Half Moon Water Resistant - one file - RRP £1.50
 The box arrived super fast and was beautifully presented.
The nail polishes were neatly packaged in a zebra print paper bag and the polishes were cushioned with black shredded tissue paper.

The box costs £15 (including P&P) which I think it a total bargain when you consider that the total contents of the box is worth £43 :D 
It's also not as subscription box- meaning you simply order one whenever you like.

I'm actually really impressed with all of the varnishes. They're all high end brands and each one goes onto the nail beautifully. I hadn't actually ever tried out China Glaze and now I can say I'm hooked!
Benefits of our Manicure Box?
  • This box allows you to try the newest polishes from the most popular brands
  • No two months are the same and each box has the minimum value of £30!
  • You don't have to subscribe – you can visit the website and simply buy one box for yourself or as a gift to someone that loves nail polish.
  • The box will be delivered straight to your door and your Manicure Box will be with you within 2-3 working days.
I'm particularly fond of the idea of gifting this to somebody. 
It could be for someone in need of a little pick-me-up or even a birthday present delivered straight to their door!

If you'd like to find out more about Coloristiq, click HERE to visit to their website.

I hope you enjoyed reading this my lovelies : )

A New Healthy Breakfast!

 Hello Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)
You may already know that I've been on a health kick lately. 
I've taken up jogging and cleaned up my diet and feel a lot better for it.

One change which has made such a difference to my energy levels has been the move to a healthier cereal. I was sent 2 boxes of Keep me going cereal to review and I'm definitely going to be purchasing some more once I run out. It is honestly one of the best (and easiest) changes I've made and has positively impacted my energy levels so much.
Keep Me Going is a brand new cereal which boasts multiple health benefits...
  • Keep me going has 8 times less salt than special K which is of course often referred to as a healthy cereal. 
  • 60% less sugar than special K
  • Twice the fiber than special K 
  • Medical research has proven than Keep me going cereal has a low Gi, similar to traditionally made porridge.
      The 'Keep Me' range was developed after the founder noticed just how much sugar and salt were in the cereals that his 3 children in particular, were eating. The idea he had was to develop healthy nutritional products with functional benefits too (like low Gi) which could be as competitively priced as the cereals from Kelloggs and Nestle.

    I love this cereal with yoghurt and fresh fruit.
     I sprinkled blackberries, cranberries and raspberries over the cereal to add a sweeter taste. Keep me going can also be used to mix with other cereal to lower the overall sugar content right down whilst still filling you up. It's also tasty enough to just eat it with milk/ almond milk.The actual cereal pieces are little pillows made with wholegrain barley and oat and they are soooo filling!
    It's been available on Ocado for just a couple of weeks. 
    I'm aware that Ocado doesn't really cater to everyone's budget (me included) however, there are lots of vouchers offering £20 off the first shop + free mid-week deliveries for a year which of course are worthwhile. Like this 

    It's also been mentioned that if the cereal sells well in Ocado, other supermarkets will begin selling it (so if you become hooked like me, you'll be able to purchase it with your other shopping!)

    Thank you for reading lovelies and I hope this was interesting and informative for you lovely lot!
    *Although this cereal was sent to me for a review, I was not paid to say any of these things and I really do recommend it : )
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