Blogging on a Budget! (Weekend Writers)

Hello Daydreamers!

 Sometimes blogging can be hard when money is tight. 

If you're a super successful blogger with many followers clicking on your ads (and have had lots of other oppurtunaties to make money from your blog) you may find that blogging actually makes you money. If however, you're like I and the majority of bloggers out there, you may find that blogging with a small budget can become an issue. 

 I've noticed that Beauty bloggers seem to have this problem the most because unlike other types of blogs E.g parenting bloggers, the thing we blog about (makeup and skincare) is expensive and not necessarily essential- although many of us may claim it is ; )

  So here are some ways to keep your blog going when you're low on funds.

Free product reviews
Many companies offer the chance to connect with brands and receive products free of charge in return for a review. These are great because not only are you getting a free item, you're also getting something to write about on your blog. 
Bloggers Required and TheBloggerHangout are both great for gifting opportunities.
Bloggers required offer sponsored post opportunities and the bloggers hangout is a super fun website packed with all the best up and coming brands. 

Look for beauty/ fashion bargains
 It can seem like everyone's blogging about the latest naked pallet but don't feel like you need to splash out on the latest fashion/ beauty craze, it can be super fun to be different and share your thrifty finds! 
Your followers will enjoy reading something different and useful.

Write posts about things you already have
This one is pretty obvious but writing about a product that you've owned for weeks and know everything about can make a really thorough and informative review. FOTDs can also be fun and of course are free to make. Some other free posts which are super popular are 'whats in my makeup storage' or a 'room tour' and a 'wardrobe de-clutter/ season changeover clothes'

Write a day in the life
Even if you think you have the most boring life, trust me, people love to see snapshots of your day. We're all nosey and enjoy seeing other peoples weekend/ everyday life. If you write or have written a day on the life, feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll check it out : )

Use social media to promote your blog
Advertising on other blogs/webpages is awesome but it's also not to everyone's budget. Use social media to you advantage twitter, instagram and pinterest are all fabulous for sharing your work. I've found that Pinterest in particular is fab because you don't have to have huge following to get noticed and you can provide links to particular pages on your blog. You can also trade blog space with other bloggers which is free and will offer you the chance to gain followers.

So I hope that some of these tips come in handy for you lovely lot in the future!

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  1. Great post Georgia! I often write about products that I already have, because it makes for many videos - at the moment I'm piling up used products for an empties video for example. Although it's always cool to do a haul for time to time, because who doesn't love getting new things? :P

    Julia xx
    Have a look at my retro makeup look here:

  2. Great tips here! My tip would be to buy a good quality but cheaper dupe for high end products until you work out whether you will really incorporate it into your routine rather than giving into the hype straight away. It's hard not to give in though!
    Tori x
    30 Plus and Beautiful

  3. Great tips!! Posts about the day in a bloggers life are fun to write and can give readers a glimpse into your life. :)

  4. I've never thought any one would be interested in my everyday life. Maybe I should consider this for my blog!

    Vanessa│Meili Journey

  5. Great tips, I love posts on people's thrifty finds! xx
    Chasing Belle

  6. Blogging on a budget is definitley do-able. You just have to take a little more care with your spending and get creative!

    ​​​​Leanne​ x​
    Fancy read? Check out my latest post

    ​ |​ ​​​ How to get Bikini Body ready.... Just put on a bikini?

  7. This is such a good post! Gonna need some of these tips for when I start uni next month eeek :) xo


  8. True, I review products that I already have. I can't just buy things just for my blog. After all, with the current status of my blog I cannot afford to spend more. I build my blog from searching all the free templates, widgets, and photo stock that I can get.

    Oh! I do write snippets of a day in my life. It's a blog series namely: Cornerstone Diary and SFC Diary.


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