20 Blog Post Planning Ideas for Autumn/Fall! (Weekend Writers)

Hello Daydreamers!

It's Friday again, yeesh these weeks are flying by! 
In this weeks weekend writers, I'm making a list of blog posts that are perfect for the months of August and September.

I love this time of year, my birthday in August and then the balmy September nights begin. In my opinion, September is the most beautiful month, I just love the transition from Summer to Autumn! 
Now I know what you're all thinking, "whoa now, we're not even out of August yet and you're already talking about Autumn!?" But my theory is that by making Autumn-themed posts now, you're giving your readers a chance to get ready for the new season.

(Plus I really love Autumn-time and just wanted to get excited for cozy socks and candles!)

So, 20 blog posts which are PERFECT for this time of year...
  • Back to school/ college hair styles
  • Back to school/ college makeup looks
  • New autumn wardrobe (if you live in the northern hemisphere)
  • Autumn home ware
  • Autumn bucket list
  • Christmas Pre- Planning (I know some of you will want to shout NOOO at me right now hehe)
  • Warm Autumn OOTD
  • Best summer 2015 Pictures 
  • New seasn skincare routine 
  • NOTDs 
  • Autumn Wishlist- makeup/clothes/homeware
  • Top 3 favourite moments of summer 2015
  • Pinterest Autumn DIYs
  • Favourite autumn comfort food
  • New wardrobe haul
  • An autumn poem 
  • Summer 2015 holiday or days out summary
  • Books you'll read in autumn
  • Plans for the next season 
  •  Autumn traditions (mine are new pj's, candles and hot chocolate!) 

PS I'm sorry to all the Americans/ Canadians out there, I know you call autumn 'fall' which I honestly think is super cute and far more fitting!
Feel free to read all the 'autumn'-s as 'fall' : )

Hope this is helpful for you lovelies

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  1. These are some lovely blog post ideas! Thank you, this is really helpful to me as I get writers block quite frequently!


  2. So many good ideas =] i need inspiration


  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I needed the inspiration

  4. I think it is a great idea to review the best summer photos. What a good way to remember the summer time.

    Vanessa│Meili Journey

  5. I'm so excited for autumn it's my favourite season and these are all great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration :) x



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