Veet EasyWax Kit

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 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)
 Veet EasyWax has been all the rage lately, I'd read several reviews singing its praises and when I was asked if I'd like to give it a whirl, I couldn't decline! 
The electrical roll-on kit is specially designed to give you salon results in your own home. The wax can be heated up which means less pain and better results.

How it works

The wax heating device holds the wax refill can then can be plugged into the electrical mains and after 20 minutes, the wax is warm enough to smoothly glide onto the skin.
The next step is to roll the device along your legs in the direction that the hair grows, then immediately press the paper strip (provided) onto the wax, hold your skin taut, grab the end of the strip and then quickly pull it back on itself to remove the hairs. 


I'll be honest, I was a little terrified to pull the wax strip. I had done some research before trying this out and although there were many fabulous reviews about this particular device, I also come across some horror stories about waxing in general which were pretty unnerving. I honestly think the results vary a lot between different people. My experience wasn't as good as some of the other bloggers however it wasn't too bad either. On the pain front it was a doddle, however I wasn't extremely impressed with how much hair was removed. I would estimate that about 50% of the hair on my legs was removed in one wax and Veet advise that you don't go back to wax area the same area again.


My legs were a little red immediately after the waxing but 4-5 hours later, they were left fairly smooth and exfoliated. I wasn't overly impressed with the amount of hair still left on my legs and when I attempted to remove the stubborn remaining of the hair, I was left with sore red skin, I did have to go over with a razor afterwards. On a positive note, I really liked that the wax could be heated up because in my opinion, this really helped to sooth the skin and reduced pain. 

Overall Thoughts

I think there are many good points to this kit such as the wax can be heated up, it's fairly affordable compard to salon prices and it's very convenient to use in your own home, however I didn't get along with it very well. I know that many people have already wrote really positive reviews singing its praises so it may just be me. 

The kit itself costs £31.48 and refills start at £9.99.

Veet also offer other hair removal items click HERE to find out more. 

I hope this was informative for you lovely lot. 

Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried the Veet EasyWax : )


  1. Great review! I once tried an at home wax kit. Did not end well. I use an epilator now. Like it much better.

  2. Brilliant review, although I don't quite think I'm brave enough to pull the strip off just yet! Haha xo


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