Just a Little Chat

Hello everyone! Well, hello to all 1000 of you - whaaaat?!! 
I'm gonna be honest here, I'm still in complete denial that 1000 people decided to become apart of this little blogety blog!

 Tea and biscuits because yanno, 
that's what you eat when you sit down for a natter yes? I dunno : P

So there's 3 things I want to say,

Number 1 Thank you so, so much to each and every one of you who are now following Blossoming Daydreams. I'm so lucky to have a lovely group of people who actually choose to take the time to read something I write- I'm aware I sound a little unhinged but I'm just so thankful x
Number 2 As you may have already noticed, I decided it was time for a little change design wise and have opted for the modern white background that is oh so popular at the moment with other bloggers. I've also added a few Mint accents to the baby Pink colour scheme- I'm pretty happy with it and I hope you all approve too.

Number 3 For the past week or so, I have had a case of writers block- on several occasions, I've sat down to my laptop thinking "I'll write a blog post" only to get stuck at the first hurdle as I can't think of anything to write about so as a result, things have been pretty quiet around here of late but I have since got a list together of posts that I want to write in the future so what I'm trying to say in a very roundabout way is there will be lots of new posts up very soon (including some new-style posts)

So, I hope you enjoyed that little chat- you've been ever so quiet, I bet it's because you can't get a word in edgeways with me wittering on ; ) 

March Favourites!

I haven't tried a lot of new things in the month of March but the things I'm including in my March favorites are things I've absolutely LOVED. So here we go...

First up is the Flamingo Candle in the scent 'Pink lemonade'. I actually won this candle in a giveaway which I wrote a post on here. Now, as you can see, I've not actually burned it yet and I know it's kinda cheating to include this in a favourites when it hasn't been used, but I just love how it looks above my desk and feel it would be a shame to use it up so soon. I think it's such a pretty colour and if I've found that if I leave the lid off, the scent drifts throughout my room anyway- the scent by the way is amazing- just like lemonade, it's super sweet and peppy!

I was in boots a few weeks back and decided to pick up an Impulse Body Spray in the scent 'True Love' as it was on offer at just £1. I have honestly loved this and forgot how good it was- the scent (which reminds me of Summer) lasts for 2-3 hours and for the price of £1, you can't go wrong.
I've had the Soap and Glory Dr Spot Treatment for some time now- if any of you have it, you'll know how it lasts forever. I've found it has been quite the face- saver of late and I just think it's fab 'zapping the zits' (ew :P) and clearing up the skin.

Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Lip Plump Now this is in my favorites for a reason you may not expect- it's because I like the colour. I think it does plump the lips to a certain extent, however I love it for its moisturising power. The colour is super pretty- it is a rosy pink and it also tastes super fruity too. 
The Wilkinsons Clay Time Face Mask was featured way back in December here I wrote a little review about the mask there and I still feel the same way about this. I've used it lots recently and my skin is definitely grateful of this : )

I hope you enjoyed reading about my March favourites, if you've written a similar post or just have some new faves then let me know in the comments below, I love reading about other peoples favorite products!

A Peaceful Saturday!

I think that there's nothing better than a relaxing Saturday night! 
After you've worked hard all week, it's lovely to just run a bath, cleanse your skin free of makeup, unwind with a good book/ TV show and indulge in some of your favorite food.

I've found that the things needed for a pamper night are usually already scattered around the house- so there's no need to go out and spend money on a little bit of luxury : )

First of all, I like to cleanse my skin with my favorite cleanser- coconut oil. I have been loving this recently as it's all natural and helps my dry skin to feel smooth and hydrated. I use it the same way I would use a hot cloth cleanser- apply to a wet face, massage it in and wipe off with a hot, soft flannel.

I then remove all my nail polish (or the remains of it) because it's almost always chipped and tatty by Saturday and quickly file my nails so they're all smooth.

I then shampoo my hair and apply a hair treatment. I like anything from the 'aussie' range, my current favorite is the '3 minute miracle beach mate' I leave this on for 10 minutes (rebel) then rinse it off with cold water to make my hair oh-so-shiny :D

The next step is to run a lovely hot bath, I added my 'marshmallow hearts' bubble bath which I reviewed here it smells divine and makes the bath water silky smooth.

Once I'm all chilled out, I like to put on my onesie- I got it from next about a year ago and it is super soft and comfy. I also think that fluffy socks are a must-have.

I like to have lots of candles around and recently, my favorite has been the flamingo candle in 'pink lemonade' it smells delicious! I also love the bright colour of pink!

I then search pinterest for nail art ideas, find lots of cute designs and then decide on taking the easy option and applying a few coats of my favorite nail polish- Barry M Nail Paint in the shade 'Aqua Glitter' it's a super pretty teal colour and glides on the nail like a dream.

Finally, I collect all my favourite food together, put something good on TV and settle down with some galaxy chocolate :P 

What's your idea of a perfect Saturday?

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara Review

I've tried many mascaras in my time, often trying a new one each time I buy, but I have decided that this is one I will stay loyal to for some time.

The packaging is very retro and funky which I love.
The wand is this 'hourglass' shape- this allows you to reach both the inner and outer corner lashes with ease. I've also found that the brush holds a lot of the product- making application quicker.
This is my eye before with no mascara. I had just curled my lashes to make mascara application easier.
These are my lashes with just one coat! 
The reason I love this mascara so much is because it takes so little time to build up some decent lashes. In the morning I don't want to be spending 5-6 minutes carefully re-applying mascara, this mascara makes my morning routine so much easier- you wouldn't think a mascara would make such a difference! (or that I could say the word 'mascara' so much in one paragraph...)

Have you tried the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara yet?

w7 Honey Queen Blusher and Brush Roll

*This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

w7 are a beauty company, I'm sure you've heard of them before. They are known primarily for their makeup products but also have lovely ranges of skincare and nail polish.
I was super excited when I found out they were going to send me a blusher to sample and a professional 12 piece brush roll.

The blusher I received was 'The Honey Queen' it is a multi-toned blusher/ bronzer and I have found that is great for both contouring and just adding a little colour to your cheeks.
Personally, I like to take my blusher brush (to be mentioned later) and give it a good swirl to pick up all the colours and dust on the apples of  my cheeks. 

As the name would suggest, the colour is on the amber side of the 'blusher spectrum' which I like because as I've already mentioned in other posts, I feel the peachy tones are more suited to my pale complexion than the pink.

The colour is very subtle and just enough. It is easy to use because unlike some other blushers I've tried, there isn't far too much pigmentation which usually leads to me either looking un-natural or wasting the product. The application of this blush is quick and easy as there is little worry of going overboard.
I was surprised to find that the little rectangular brush that comes with the blusher is super soft and allows the blusher to be applied like a dream. I have since used the brush in conjunction with my usual bronzer for contouring as it is amazing at defining the cheekbones and jawline due to its shape and flexible-ness ( I know, that's not even a word but ya know what I mean :P )

This is the professional 12 piece makeup brush roll
 The brush I mentioned earlier is part of this 12 piece professional brush set which includes literally every kind of makeup brush you could need.
The brushes feel full and soft, are fab quality and all sit neatly in their own little compartment which I love- it's so great to have them all in one place and not have to search for brushes my makeup drawer every morning like a maniac.

I think it's safe to say I'm a big fan of w7, their products and accessories are great quality yet super affordable. If you're interested in trying them out yourself, you can purchase w7 products from their website and they are also stocked in some ASDA stores.

Thank you very much to w7 for sending me such a lovely set to review.

Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from the w7 range before : )

Home Corners- Workspace/ Desk

So, I decided to begin a new little series on Blossoming Daydreams, it's called 'home corners.' 
I used to love reading other bloggers home corners posts before I got into blogging myself and thought now I have my own little blog, I would give it a go! Home corners will be little tours of small spaces around my room. It's something a bit different and I hope you like it : )

So here is an overview of my desk

 I got this lamp from Dunelm Mill and I liked it because of the the wicker heart. The original lamp shade was just plain and cream which was fine but I saw this grey the shade in the sale at b and q and loved it so I switched it up a little. The rose fairy lights are from Wilkinsons (I also have some around my dressing table mirror) and the candle at the back is from Primark and was only £1 it is vanilla and coconut scented and smells lovely. 

 This notebook was from Tesco and I liked it because it matches the rose fairy lights. I write all my to-do's and plans in it.

 This is my elderly laptop, I've had it for 6 years and it is soooo slow. Really, I need to buy a new one but this one is hanging on for now (only just :S) 

In the corner is this little guy, I love owls so I loved this when I saw it in Dunelm Mill. It was in the bathroom section- I think he's meant to be a toothbrush holder but I use him for all my stationary bits and bobs. Again, the candles are from Primark- I love Primark candles, they always smell fab and are such a bargain too!

This is my ipad mini, I got the sweet case from amazon. I leave it on my desk since it matches the other things on there.

And finally, just above my desk is this shelf which was from dotcomgiftshop. I  keep the flamingo candle which I won in this giveaway on it, a battery powered candle that my Mum gave me for Christmas (it has Christmas trees and reindeer on it but I didn't want to pack it away for a year since its so cute) and a wicker basket in from ASDA which houses the chalks I use on the heart blackboard above my desk.

So there is my first post for home corners, I really enjoyed doing this and I hope you liked reading it :D

My Spring Makeup

As spring approaches, I like to revamp my makeup bag and have a bit of a change- it's much more fun than regular spring cleaning!
 Brighter colours and fluttery lashes are what I feel is appropriate for the warmer months and these are the makeup items I picked out...

♥  First up is the Eyelur Lengthening False Lashes. I've never been a fan of the super thick false lashes and wanted some natural, fluttery lashes that I would be comfortable wearing throughout the day. These are very lightweight and it's nice to be able to use less mascara yet still have long looking lashes.
♥  Next is the Sleek Life's a Peach Blusher, this blush is the perfect colour! I used to find that since I'm so pale, most blushers would give me the 'just been for a long, tiring run' look and generally didn't compliment my complexion however I read that pale skin, blue eyes and brown hair suit a peachy toned blusher (which for some reason I had never tried) and I love it! My complexion looks more healthy whilst still looking natural and now I get to wear blusher whooo : )

 ♥  My MAC Studio Sculpt in NC15 is a firm favourite for spring. This foundation is medium to full coverage and stays on all day- perfect for the warmer days of the year when you need something that will out stand the heat.

 ♥  My all time favourite mascara had to be added to the mix. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam is great for delicate, fluttery lashes up to big bold lashes- it is so build-able and I love it!

 ♥  The other thing that I wanted to add to my spring makeup was the Collection Shimmer Shades Quad this is fab for contouring and includes the best bronzers I've ever used, there is a cool toned bronzer and a warm toned bronzer and I always use a bit of both. The highlighter and the blusher are also fab, they are easily bendable and highly pigmented. It's just generally a good all rounder!

♥  Since I had chosen only natural fresh faced makeup, I wanted something bright for my lips and the Miss Sporty I Love Lipstick in Shade 38 was the the perfect match! It is a candy pink- very bright but can be toned down if dotted lightly on the lips and teamed with a lip balm. I think it is perfect for adding a little spring-inspired colour.
Have you changed up any of your everyday makeup for spring?

Mini Happies

Of late, I've been taking note of the happy things in life, the kind of things that are always there giving mini positive vibes (yes I sound crazy, but hear me out) I decided to write about these little gems today.

Sunshine I don't know about you but when it's sunny out, I just want to smile. Even if it's one of those frosty mornings when it's so cold you can see your breath and you shiver under your hat and scarf, the sunshine always makes things more cheery.

Lists/order As you may have already noticed, I love making lists (ironic that this is point number 2 of a list) I find it so refreshing to know that everything is in order and on paper/ my phone rather than it getting all muddled up in my head. Making lists is something I've made a conscious effort to do lately, and I can honestly say I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Pastels As we are fast approaching spring- well those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere at least, I have been loving pastels. Not just the pastels in the new season fashion but the natural pastels like the powder Blue sky and the little flowers that start to appear around March- although I do love the fashion-y pastels too : P

Weekends Finally the weekend, what more is there to say, everyone loves the two downtime days where we can choose to do as much or as little as we please.

Have you been loving anything recently? Let me know in the comments below.

Such Beautiful Things!

Something great happened... I won a blog giveaway and I couldn't be more excited!!!

The lovely Kirstie from kimamely beauty hosted A giveaway to celebrate her blog turning 1 year old! 

I was super lucky to win-

♥  A Red, Ted baker notebook which I decided to use as a blog planner and I now have all my little ideas for future posts stored in one place.

♥  A cute little compact mirror with 'hello lovely' on the front and 'I need lipstick' on the back- practically my life motto : )

♥  The candle all the bloggers are raving about, it's the flamingo candle in 'pink lemonade' and it smells ah-mae-zing!!! love it and it fits so well into my pink bedroom! Flamingo candles actually gifted this to Kirstie for it to be included in the giveaway so a big thank you goes to them too.

♥  And finally, a set of sticky notes of various shapes and colours which I have literally used so much. I never knew I needed them but now I don't think I could like without them!

I'd just like to say a big thank you to Kirstie for putting together such a lovely prize and I'd love it if you checked her blog out if you haven't already. If you like my blog, you will love hers, she writes beauty and lifestyle posts and does lots of fab beauty reviews, go check her out! Kimamely Beauty

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post and I will be back on Friday for something a little bit different : )

Sleek Makeup Haul!

I had only ever tried one sleek product- the rose gold blush- which all the beauty bloggers went crazy for in its day. I loved it and still have it now (I don't think I have ever finished a blusher before its use by date was up) So, with this in mind, I felt it was time to try out some other items from the sleek range.

First impressions, the packaging of each product is very similar- black with a rubberized texture making it feel compact and sturdy.

So, first up is this pressed blusher in 'flamingo' the picture shows the actual colour- yes, it is that bright! However, when applied onto the cheeks, it appears more of a subtle flush of pink and is very natural looking.

The other blush I chose is completely different, this one is called 'life's a peach' and I chose this because I read that peach-y tones compliment blue eyes and pale skin- which I have. When I tried this out it was very bendable, looked extremely natural and therefor was very easy to wear.

I needed a new liquid eyeliner and this one fitted the bill, I chose the shade 'black' I don't wear eyeliner every day so have only tried it out once or twice and so far, so good. I wouldn't say it is anything special but is easy to apply and lasts all day for me so what more could you want?! The bottle is quite cute too, it reminds me of a potion!

Then after buying the other things, I got this sleek mascara free. It usually retails at £6.99 in boots and  if I'm honest, it's not love, however I fear my lashes are to blame. I think this would be good for someone who likes their eyelashes to look natural and flutter-y. I now use this as a first coat before applying my usual mascara (rimmel scandaleyes retro glam- which by the way, I absolutely LOVE) this helps build up my lashes quicker and also means that I will get more use out of my favorite mascara, so it's not gone to waste and it was free so I can't complain!

So all in all I think sleek definitely excel in the quality of their blushers with the excellent pigmentation, and the packaging of the products is also very... well 'sleek' if you will : )

Have you tried anything or got any favorites from the sleek range? 

Hello March!

Whooooo we're now in March, it's all up hill from here kids!

The worst is over- all the short days, dark mornings and miserable weather that comes with January and February.

Once we get into March, we start to see lots of changes- good changes, that is. 

Now I'm sure you all know this by now, I love a good list! So I'm gonna write one if ya don't mind. I've used sun bullet points since I feel this is most fitting for spring : )

Reasons to be excited it's now March!
☼  It officially becomes spring in March (March 20th to be precise) 

☼  We begin to see lots of new flowers appear- instantly making everywhere look 10x prettier!

☼  With each day, we gain 2-3 minutes of daylight and as days gradually become longer, everyone generally becomes happier- nobody likes going to and then coming home from work in the dark. 

☼ The spring/ summer collections appear in clothes shops and we all begin to wear pretty pastels and refresh our wardrobes by adding some colour.

☼  March is a very calm month, everything is gradually changing whilst we sit back and watch- it's the lull before summer.

Yep, I think it's safe to say March is my favourite month!

What is your favourite thing about March?

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