March Favourites!

I haven't tried a lot of new things in the month of March but the things I'm including in my March favorites are things I've absolutely LOVED. So here we go...

First up is the Flamingo Candle in the scent 'Pink lemonade'. I actually won this candle in a giveaway which I wrote a post on here. Now, as you can see, I've not actually burned it yet and I know it's kinda cheating to include this in a favourites when it hasn't been used, but I just love how it looks above my desk and feel it would be a shame to use it up so soon. I think it's such a pretty colour and if I've found that if I leave the lid off, the scent drifts throughout my room anyway- the scent by the way is amazing- just like lemonade, it's super sweet and peppy!

I was in boots a few weeks back and decided to pick up an Impulse Body Spray in the scent 'True Love' as it was on offer at just £1. I have honestly loved this and forgot how good it was- the scent (which reminds me of Summer) lasts for 2-3 hours and for the price of £1, you can't go wrong.
I've had the Soap and Glory Dr Spot Treatment for some time now- if any of you have it, you'll know how it lasts forever. I've found it has been quite the face- saver of late and I just think it's fab 'zapping the zits' (ew :P) and clearing up the skin.

Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Lip Plump Now this is in my favorites for a reason you may not expect- it's because I like the colour. I think it does plump the lips to a certain extent, however I love it for its moisturising power. The colour is super pretty- it is a rosy pink and it also tastes super fruity too. 
The Wilkinsons Clay Time Face Mask was featured way back in December here I wrote a little review about the mask there and I still feel the same way about this. I've used it lots recently and my skin is definitely grateful of this : )

I hope you enjoyed reading about my March favourites, if you've written a similar post or just have some new faves then let me know in the comments below, I love reading about other peoples favorite products!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm particularly interested about the skincare products you mentioned. A clay mask is always useful, and I might try the Soap and Glory Spot Treatment - it can be good to prevent breakouts I imagine!

    Julia x
    Check my last post here:

  2. hiya, Alice from 'Fashion, Make up and me' has nominated you for a Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award. Here is a link to find out more:
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  3. The candle sounds like it smells so good! I love the pink theme of the basket as well!


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