Sleek Makeup Haul!

I had only ever tried one sleek product- the rose gold blush- which all the beauty bloggers went crazy for in its day. I loved it and still have it now (I don't think I have ever finished a blusher before its use by date was up) So, with this in mind, I felt it was time to try out some other items from the sleek range.

First impressions, the packaging of each product is very similar- black with a rubberized texture making it feel compact and sturdy.

So, first up is this pressed blusher in 'flamingo' the picture shows the actual colour- yes, it is that bright! However, when applied onto the cheeks, it appears more of a subtle flush of pink and is very natural looking.

The other blush I chose is completely different, this one is called 'life's a peach' and I chose this because I read that peach-y tones compliment blue eyes and pale skin- which I have. When I tried this out it was very bendable, looked extremely natural and therefor was very easy to wear.

I needed a new liquid eyeliner and this one fitted the bill, I chose the shade 'black' I don't wear eyeliner every day so have only tried it out once or twice and so far, so good. I wouldn't say it is anything special but is easy to apply and lasts all day for me so what more could you want?! The bottle is quite cute too, it reminds me of a potion!

Then after buying the other things, I got this sleek mascara free. It usually retails at £6.99 in boots and  if I'm honest, it's not love, however I fear my lashes are to blame. I think this would be good for someone who likes their eyelashes to look natural and flutter-y. I now use this as a first coat before applying my usual mascara (rimmel scandaleyes retro glam- which by the way, I absolutely LOVE) this helps build up my lashes quicker and also means that I will get more use out of my favorite mascara, so it's not gone to waste and it was free so I can't complain!

So all in all I think sleek definitely excel in the quality of their blushers with the excellent pigmentation, and the packaging of the products is also very... well 'sleek' if you will : )

Have you tried anything or got any favorites from the sleek range? 


  1. I love those two blushers, I'm a big fan of peachy colours as they look flattering on my pale skin, so may have to try that one out :)

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  2. Just got 2 blushes from Sleek - Blush Antique and Blush Pomegranate. Super intense colour and pigment!


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