Saturday, 4 July 2015

June Favourites!

 Hello Daydreamers!

Today I'm writing about my June Favourites! 

I literally can't believe we're in July already, this year is flying by in the blink of an eye.

 Most of my June favourites are things that I already owned and have began to re-use and love as we move towards summer time.

 So the first thing I've been loving in June in is this 'Clay Time' face mask which I bought from wilkinsons. I actually wrote a review on it back in December if you're interested in purchasing it, the review is here.
It was actually one of the first reviews I wrote : )

 This lovely Balmi lip balm that I buy every Summer. 
This one is in the flavour Strawberry and I love it!
This is another product I've reviewed here.

 This Nivea day cream has been a favourite of mine lately. I like to use this in the morning after I've cleansed my face. I leave it to sink in for about 10 minutes and it leaves a soft film over my face which I find is a great base for makeup. Also, it smells really fresh and clean too and the scent really reminds me of spring/ summer.

 This seaweed and aloe refreshing eye gel has been a staple this month, it's so refreshing and lovely. 
I have actually wrote a review on this as well- I'm sorry, this whole post so far is just links to reviews XD I must just review everything I've been loving. The review is here if you'd like to read it.

I've been enjoying wearing floral headbands what with all the hot weather. I think they just create such an effortless look and when teamed with beach waves these can look so pretty. I've been loving this daisy chain headband the most lately.
I bought it from new look and have seen similar ones in lots of shops since. 
I think I may blogged about this headband at some time before actually but can't remember when.

And finally this is the perfume that I've worn most days in June. 
I've had it a while but always felt it was a summer scent. It's very fresh and floral. Apparently the notes in this scent are Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle. It's a very happy, uplifting scent and reminds me of a summer breeze.
I think that people will either love or hate this perfume but I really love it.

So there are my June Favourites! If you've wrote a favourites post, feel free to link it below, I love reading them!

Thank you for reading lovelies and I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend : )


  1. The Clay Time face mask love is really cool; :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. The floral headband looks so cute! I need to buy one :)

    Sarah |

  3. Your headband is adorable! The Marc Jacobs perfume smells so lovely, perfect scent for summer. Really loved your post dear! xxxxx

  4. Hello Georgia!
    Nice favourites! I've tried the Nivea cream (but for oily skin), and I really love it as well. And it's funny that you mention flower headbands, because I'm going to speak about them as well in a new post soon :p
    Thanks for sharing, and keep writing reviews if you love doing it - it's really useful for your readers as well ;)

    Julia xx
    Check out my new favourite hair combo:

  5. Love this!!! really cool favorites! and great reviews! ;P

    I've still got to do my June favorites post actually XD but have an amazing day gorgeous! xx

  6. Such a fabulous post and a very tumblr looking picture! I love the flower headband. I have one as well that I got from Forever 21 a while back. That perfume must smell so beautiful. It has some of my favorite scents in it such as Honeysuckle. We have honeysuckles around my house and I always love it when the breeze pick up its sweet scent and brings it to me. Great post as usual Georgia!

  7. I love the photos!!
    I really want a floral headband but know I won't use it, lol.
    I really love your blog, it's really cute

  8. Great pictures!! That lip balm looks interesting! Love that perfume!

  9. Lovely selection of favourites!
    The flower headband is so cute :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  10. I love clay masks. I want to try that one out!


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