Friday, 3 July 2015

Healthy Snacks- Urban Fruit

Hello Beautiful Daydreamers!

 *This post contains PR samples, all opinions are my own as always :)

If you follow me on my beloved Pinterest you will probably be aware that I've been on a bit of a health kick lately.

I've not been doing the latest bikini boot-camp or anything like that, I've just made an effort to eat more healthy and incorporate a little exercise into my daily routine. I think I will be writing a post soon on the small changes I've made.

Anyway, I noticed that with eating more healthy, the junk food I missed the most was sweets. I've always had a sweet tooth and found that eating an apple just didn't cut it. 
So whilst in ASDA, I spotted what I thought was a bag of chewy sweets called 'Urban Fruit' when I read the ingredients I was astonished to find it was purely baked fruit- slowly baked so all the goodness remains. Well, that was it! I grabbed a bag of Strawberry Urban fruit and practically skipped to the checkout excited that I had found a healthy alternative to wine gums.

I demolished the whole bag within no time, they're just so moreish!

 Fast forward 2 weeks and Urban Fruit- the company, so kindly said they'd send me some Urban Fruit to review... well they certainly sent a good selection!

I love how they came packaged, it's all so wholesome and organic!

Urban Fruit say "Delicious fruit, picked when it’s perfectly ripe, and then gently baked at low temperatures so that you hang on to all the good stuff. We will never add any
sugar, oils, sulphites, concentrates or any other funny business to our fruit.
You can find Urban in Asda, Tesco, Co-op, Waitrose, ocado, Wilkinsons, in the
meal deal at Boots, on Amazon, and in loads of lovely independents."

As you can see, you can buy different size bags depending on your addiction occasion. 
Perfect for throwing into your handbag, packed lunches, car journeys and picnics!

These bags of goodness would be fab to give you an energy boost before you hit the gym/workout and are also great for kids since it's all natural stuff and contributes to one of your 5 a day

I've been getting a bit more creative recently and have tried adding a handful of fruit to porridge (delicious) and also the cherries are perfect when mixed with smooth frozen yoghurt.

If you're thinking of giving these a whirl, I would say you should try the cherries (I'm not usually a fan of anything cherry flavored, but these taste just like raisins  and are really moreish!) and my other favourite is the Tremendously Tropical which is a mixed bag of mango, coconut, pineapple and banana- there are so many flavours and textures in this one so I can see it being popular.

If you'd like to find out more about urban fruit, click here to go to the website.

All in all, I think it's safe to say that Urban Fruit is my new favorite snack- not even just my favorite 'healthy snack' this simply beats all the junk food!

Have you ever tried urban fruit?

Thank you for reading lovelies.

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  1. Yummy, I love packaged fruit snacks they are compact and easy to carry around and are so delicious! Lovely post dear! xxxxx

  2. Oooo these look yummy, would love to try these one day =]

  3. I wish we had Urban Fruit in the States! I love dehydrated mangoes, but they are just so damn expensive.


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