Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Perfect Eyebrows in 1 Minute (2true Brow Fix Highlighter Review)

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I hope you're all well : )

Today I want to show you lovely lot a product that has become my 'makeup bag staple' 
This product has made makeup application in general a whole lot easier. Whether it be an everyday look or an all out full face of makeup, I've found that I have constantly gravitated towards this product. 

The 2true Brow Fix Highlighter is similar to a brow mascara, it is highly pigmented, gives a natural but sculpted look to the brow and takes less than a minute to use!

For years I have penciled in my eyebrows. This has always been the most resented step in my makeup application routine. 
I would love blending my foundation and brushing my lashes with a mascara wand and smoothing a glowing cream blush over my cheeks but as soon as I got around to penciling in my eyebrows, I'd find myself disheartened because I knew would never get it right.

This product is amazing because it practically does the job for you. All that you need to do is sweep the brush side of the wand over your brow and you have natural-looking defined brow which will stay in place all day (no need for a brow set, this has one built in) 

This is a two-in-one product and on the other side of the wand, there is a liquid highlighter with a doe foot applicator this is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and further defining the brows and I have also used it on my cheek bone in the past, it gives a lovely clean, radiant effect.

The first application leaves the brows looking very natural and the colour/ intensity is build-able.

The 2true Brow Fix is available 'brown' or 'light brown' I use light brown now but back when I was brunette, I used the brown one. They both work exactly the same, the brown is just of course a little bit darker.

It retails for £3.99 in Superdrug.

If like me, you find filling in your brows a chore, you need this in your life!
It will also save you so much time everyday and I honestly won't ever go back to penciling in my brows ever again. I'm half tempted to go and buy all the stock in my local Superdrug just in case this ever gets discontinued!

(This is not a sponsored post)

Have you ever tried the 2true Brow Fix or any similar brow mascaras?


  1. Great post. Sounds like a great eyebrow pencil. I only use oneither now and then(I tend to forget my eyebrows)

  2. This sounds like a lovely product, thank you for the recommendation dear! xxxxx

  3. I have recently gotten into doing my eyebrows, they are the staple of my whole makeup look most the time, thank you for reviewing this product, going to have to buy it now! Hehe
    x Aimee /

  4. I've been looking for products like this because the thought of penciling in my eyebrows makes me shudder! I need something a lot easier.

  5. This sounds good! I've always struggled to find a good eyebrow product so I need to try this!
    Rachel Coco


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