Primark Haul April 2015

Hello Lovelies! 

I popped into Primark for a well needed shop and thought I'd show you the little gems I found!

 First up is this leather look bowler bag. I have been wanting to buy a new bag for a while and thought that the gold hardware and blush colour of this one makes it super refreshing for Spring. I think it will be nice to use this for days out in Summer as there is plenty of room inside.

 I wasn't planning on buying any shoes but these flowery sandles caught my eye, then I realized that they matched the bag I'd picked up so I was sold!

 I love Primark bedding- I think it is really value for money, it feels good quality and stays smooth- ie no bobbles for ages. I currently have white bedding but didn't own a white fitted sheet so I was using a grey fitted sheet which was apart of another bedding set- as you can probably imagine, it didn't look great but now I have this, my bed looks fresh and snowy white! 

 Since the weather has been getting warmer, I decided I'd pick up some comfy shorts just to wear around the house/ garden.

 I saw this top last time I was in Primark and I regretted not picking it up so when I saw it was still in stock I grabbed it. I love the crochet detail on the back and I think this could be dressed up with a floaty skirt or dressed down with some denim shorts. I think I'll get a lot of use from it in the Summer.

These nail polish remover pots have been really popular of late and they usually retail for between £5 and £15 so thought this was worth a try for £1- I have used it twice since and it's fab and makes removing nail polish soooooo much easier and no longer a chore! 

 I got these again! They were on offer for £2.50 this time. I like them because they're super thin and that means you can fit more clothes into your wardrobe- whooo :D

Finally, I picked up these battery operated fairy lights. I wanted some that I could use in pictures on my blog as I think lights always make picture look 10 times better!

Have you picked up any bargains form Primark recently?

P.s I have since been back to Primark and I have picked up a few more things so keep your eyes peeled for another little Primark haul very soon :D


  1. Primark's got some great stuff at the moment :) I popped in earlier this month and found two really cute summer tops. May have to go back soon though, I love the sandals you bought!

    Tiny x

  2. The bag looks lovely! I recently went to primary and seriously did some damage haha!

  3. I love everything you have bought on this haul and want it all! I have the hangers they are great. xxx

  4. Primark is my favourite, especially recently as they have such nice things! I love the bag <3

  5. I love that top you bought, I am going to have to make a cheeky little purchase! X

  6. Okay I have a mini list of everything I like about this post! Haha.
    1. The purse is so, so chic and it seems like the perfect spring/summer purse.
    2. That crochet shirt is also very cute! The crochet part makes it look so cool and I like the neutrality of the color.
    3. I feel rather geeky for saying this, but those hangers look so cool. I honestly haven't seen that color of a hanger before and I really want them now. XD
    4. The fairy lights are just so fairylicious. Haha. I've been looking to buy some for a while, but never go shopping. :I
    Love the post girl!

    1. Haha love this comment! Also loving the word 'fairylicious' :D xx

  7. love it, the sandals are great :)


    anna from

  8. These are all the kind of things I like to buy from Primark as I tend to steer clear of the clothes! Primark hangers are the best!
    Rachel Coco

  9. Love this!!! Such cute stuff! I love that nail remover pot,never heard of them before but they sound awesome!! When I run out of nail polish remover I'll definitely look into them xxx


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