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Hello Lovelies!
Since my first home corners post received such a good response, I decided to continue the mini tours with a tour of my wardrobe. I had a bit of a spring clean so everything is now neat and tidy (let's hope I can keep it this way :P)

So, this is my wardrobe and I got it from Argos a few years back, it is pretty basic but I tried to jazz it up a bit by changing the handles (which were originally dull silver plastic) and adding the little wicker heart for decoration.
On top of it is my jewellery box (it's too big for my dressing table so has to sit up there) and a box that I bought from Tesco last year, this houses all my spare blankets.

 The crystal handles are only from quality save (B and M sell them too) but I think they are really pretty and were super cheap. They also look lovely when the sun shines on them as they reflect lots of different colors

This is the inside of the wardrobe. I usually store all my Winter clothes in here and my Summer clothes away in drawers or vice versa but as we're in April, and the weather in England is pretty unpredictable, there is currently a mix of the two.

Now onto the drawers
The first drawer is all my pajamas/ onesies. I saw on Pinterest that storing them like this saves space and I have found it is easier to keep the drawer tidy this way.

The second drawer is all of my socks- yes a drawer specifically allocated for socks. I didn't realize how many socks I owned until I sorted my wardrobe out. I got rid of all the socks that lost their other half in the wash. Mental note: stop buying socks (even if they are on sale in primark :S)

And the final drawer is a 'bits and bobs' drawer so I put the random things in here like my swimming cozzies, lint rollers, belts, handbag and oh- more socks.

So here's hoping I can keep it all tidy from now on. I hope you enjoyed reading about my little spring clean. 
Next in home corners will be doing a little tour of my dressing table including my makeup and nail polish : D


  1. I love the little details that you added to the wardrobe. So cute :)
    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  2. So cute! I love all the socks. Haha. I replaced the handles on all my furniture to glass or metal ones that I spray painted to a glittery silver. I love white furniture, it makes a room feel fresh all year long. This post reminded me about how I as well need to do some spring cleaning. :D Great post Georgia!!

  3. It looks lovely! "Home Corners" such a good idea!


  4. I love that you have a drawer especially for socks - I also have one haha, with socks and tights. Cute socks are the best thing ever!
    Love this kind of posts, it's really nice to read ;)

    Julia x
    | http://www.juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk |

  5. Your wardrobe is so cute! I wish my closet can be as organized!

    ★meilijourney.blogspot.com ★

  6. I love the heart detail on the handles! It adds such a charming touch!

  7. So many pretty patterns in your wardrobe! Lovely post <3



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