Day In The Life

Hello Everyone!

Recently with this blog, I have been wanting switch it up a bit and write some different posts- ya know, something a little out of the norm of reviews and hauls. So I decided to do a day in the life.

Now before we start please be aware, I  definitely don't lead the most exciting life and this is very much a 'come along with me' day in the life, not a 'watch in amazement at the extravagant lifestyle I lead' type of post. However I hope you have fun reading and maybe (if you're a blogger too) this could inspire you to make your own day in the life post- I'd love to see other peoples days : ) 

So let's get started...

First thing to do is paint on my face...
This is pretty much my everyday makeup

I prepared my outfit the night before, I do this quite often- I folded them all nice for the picture, usually they are piled up on top of each other and resemble laundry

My Mum and I decided we'd go shopping. It was actually the hottest day of the year so far (only 18 Degrees Celsius) but that's a heatwave for us Brits

I didn't want to buy anything in particular but popped into Primark and may have picked up a couple of things... A Primark haul will be up very soon ; )

 I always get a strong craving for a cup of tea after being out and about so I made a cup of twinings green tea and lemon and checked my emails and twitter

At about 3 o'clock, it was getting really warm outside so I popped into the garden and I noticed how all the plants change as we move towards spring. 
I took a quick snap of these beautiful flowers

Then I decided to get started on some blog posts that I had planned for next week. I ended up finishing 3 posts- pictures and all whooo!

I've been loving Friday/ Saturday night TV of late and gogglebox has been a firm favorite for a while. We sat down to watch gogglebox and ate what's left of our Easter treats- mini eggs- yum! They should make these all year round.

  After watching TV, I put my pajamas on and scrolled through Pinterest- if you like, you can follow me on Pinterest here  a sneaky little plug there :P

And finally, time for Lights out zzzzz

I hope you enjoyed this different little post,


  1. This is so similar to my day! Love this post x

  2. Love this post! it's such a great idea to do a day in the life post, it's nice to read something a little different :)

    JJ xx

  3. Loved seeing what you get up to. I really need a trip to primark soon can't wait to see what you got

  4. Love this post. The outfit you wore looks lovely :)

    Sarah |

  5. I really enjoyed this post so much! I have never been good at posts like this, but I might start planning one for the near future! :) The outfit is too cute and I love the sneaky Pinterest plug in you did. Haha. As always I hope you check out my latest post which I literally just posted. :D Thank you Georgia.

  6. I really like the outfit! The skirt is so pretty!

    Serena /

  7. What eyeshadow palette is that? It looks gorgeous.

  8. It's only the 'P.s love day palette' from Primark and it's fab! Full of colour pigment and lasts all day : ) xx


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