10 Things About Me

 Hello Everyone!
I have seen this post floating around the internet for a while now so I decided to give it a whirl. I thought I'd struggle to think of any facts but was actually surprisingly easy to put together so here we go...

I Sleep Talk
I found this out when I shared a hotel room with my Mum, apparently I never shut up the whole night. The thing is, it's not your usual nonsense mumblings- I have full on clear conversations and laugh out loud.

 I Have Very Varied Music Taste
 I have always loved music but I didn't realise how varied my music taste was until my friend, who was scrolling through my iPod when I was about 15 pointed out that I have the album of both Nikki Minaj and Regina Spektor! At the moment my fave artists are Ed Sheearn, Imagine Dragons and Regina Spektor.

I'm Really Lucky at Competitions
I always have been quite lucky at comps and often win just from pure luck- my Mum is the same, it must run in the family!

I Play Guitar and a Some Piano
I have been playing guitar for 2 years now and I love it. I also play a bit of piano (badly). I had piano lessons at school when I was in year 5 and 6- the school let students to do piano lessons on a Wednesday in place of a 2 hour maths lesson and in all honesty, I just wanted to get out of maths and had no heart in learning to play piano, however now I wish I had practiced more because I would love to be able to play piano properly now.

I'm Quite Shy and Quiet 
I'm quite a quiet person, especially with people I don't know. I am training to be a hairdresser (which ofcourse requires you to talk to people) at the moment and have sort of learned to act confident in a 'hairdressing situation' however, when I'm meeting new people or doing something new, I get really nervous and anxious.
This blog has helped a lot as it's been an outlet for my thoughts and feelings- it's easy to talk about things here and the comments you lot leave are always so kind : )

I've Never Been on a Plane/ Out of Europe
 I went to Germany with school when I was 12 (on a ferry and coach- yea, that was not-so-fun) But I've never been on a plane or out of Europe. When I'm older I would love to travel, and I especially want to visit the USA and Australia.

                                                 When I'm older, I Want Lots of Children
Not any time soon, but I definitely want my own little family with lots of kids- I'm not talking '19 kids and counting' but more of a '3 or 4 kids and counting' -doesn't really have the same ring to it, meh. 

I Have OCD
I have had OCD for as long as I can remember- when I was 6, I went through a phase of tapping everything 6 times-the door, the table, the phone- I don't even know how it started but I remember that if I didn't do it, I would get anxious... fast forward 12 years and I'm a perfectionist, everything has to be tidy and neat and 'just so' I also find myself subconsciously counting things- especially when I'm nervous- I'm totally aware that I sound crazy, but I'm not (promise)

 I Never go to Clubs/ Bars
 A few of my friends do love to go out on Saturday and that's fine but it's just not for me- I'm like an old lady haha give me some comfy pj's and coronation street any day! I often joke that I will be content with life at age 80 when it's socially acceptable to stay in drink tea XD Either that or I will live life the opposite way around and be that grandma that parties with the youngsters every weekend.

                                                         I Sing all the time 
Around the house that is- not like when I'm on my own strolling around town, that would look a little crazy haha. I also find that songs often stay in my head for DAYS on end, especially if it is a song I like.

So there are my 10 facts about me, if you've done this over on your blog, let us know in the comments- I've loved reading other peoples 10 things post so far!

Hope you enjoyed reading this,


  1. Some really great facts here. I love that you'd be content with pj's and corrie, I'm exactly the same, although I'd opt for Eastenders. I feel so nervous about people knowing that I don't go out in the evenings but now I know I'm not the only who'd prefer to say inside, it's all good!
    This is a really interesting post.

  2. I feel like we have so much in common lol, my taste in music is so varied and I prefer nights in too. Great read, thanks for sharing xo

    Sharan | essehearts.com

  3. I love this post so much! I find that we have a few things in common. I sing all the time as well and I have always been very OCD, but my problem is I'm too lazy to do anything about it. Haha. My music tastes is very varied as well. I listen to so many different genres it's not even funny. The only music genres I won't listen to AT ALL now a days is country. My favorite genres have to be classic rock and pop. Oh! And don't you worry you are SO Not the only tea and PJ person here. I love sitting around on the weekend and sipping on tea instead of partying. Great post as always Georgia!!

  4. lovely post ! I used to have an OCD too back years ago (its gone now) so I know how you must feel.


  5. I am the same exact way when it comes to either going out to clubs or staying in with pjs on! Love learning that there are still some people out there who are against the norm haha!


  6. Great post, I'm the same with clubbing - give me a night in any time! Haha

    Kirsty | www.kirsty.ws


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