Primark Haul May 2015

Hello Daydreamers!

(how do you all feel about being called 'Daydreamers'?
 I thought it was a cute name with this blog being Blossoming Daydreams but do let me know what ya think :D)

The first thing I got was this light blue gypsy top- they seem to be coming into fashion for summer so hopefully I'll be on-trend! The material is really lightweight and I imagine it will be nice and cool in hot weather.

In a previous Primark haul, I picked up the blush version of these sandals, I found them pretty comfy and very versatile so on this trip I decided to get the mint ones- I do love mint for summer!

This three-wick candle caught my eye purely because of the scent- sweet coconut and vanilla- It sounded lovely and it smell sooo good

I got another pair of leggings. I never used to wear leggings but now it's a different story, they are so comfy, I have been missing out on the luxury of leggings!

I've had my eye on this fluffy white throw for a few weeks now, then on my last trip to Primark, they had sold out, so when I saw they had re-stocked I grabbed it! It's super soft and looks lovely at the end of my bed

 I wanted a new cushion for my desk chair and this on matches my room so I picked it up.

And finally, I saw this cute little water bottle. I have been trying to consume more water of late and I thought this would be handy for taking drinks out and about. It has cute pastel coloured owls printed on it and is probably marketed at 7 year olds but I don't care, I think it's sweet :D

I hope you  enjoyed this May Primark haul


  1. Love the pillow -super cute .

  2. Love everything you picked up. The throw looks amazing!

  3. This has made me want to go on a Primark shopping spree even more now!! I definitely want to get some more of their jeans, which are only £10 but seem to last really well!

  4. Aww it's all so pretty!! This makes me want to go shopping so bad!

    Clare |

  5. Daydreamers is an adorable name! That water bottle is amazing, would look so good on my desk haha! I'll join you in being 7!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  6. I like the flowery sandle! So cute!

    ★ ★

  7. Daydreamers I will firstly say is absolutely SO SO Cute!! This might just be also the first haul that I love everything and not just the majority of everything!!!! My favorite thing from this haul is bouncing between the very chic and adorable floral, gypsy top and the cute throw pillow! Great haul AND post Georgia! Toodles! :)

  8. That pillow is adorable and I will now have to check out Primark candles, great post

  9. The cushion is so cute! Love your purchases :)

    Kirsty |

  10. Love this so much!!! That top is gorgeous! And the throw blanket and pillow are adorableee,I want 100 of them. Each. ;P and that water bottle is supaaa cute,7 year olds have great style yo ;) xx

  11. What a really cute haul! Did the cushion come in any other colours? x

    1. I only saw it in pink but the Primark I go to is quite small compared to some of the city stores so there might be a more variety in other Primarks xx

  12. A do you still have eny more throw blankets

  13. I need one for my mom I ruined or first one with this weird tape so want to fix it


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