Baker Days Cake GIVEAWAY!

Hello Everyone!

*This post contains PR samples and is hosted on behalf of Bakerdays

I'm super excited today because Blossoming Daydreams is so close to 2,500 followers on Bloglovin' !!!  

I decided that to celebrate the occasion, we'd have cake!

Baker Days make a special cake called a 'letterbox cake'
The cake is neatly packaged inside a tin and a compact cardboard box. The cardboard box has been made made small enough to fit through UK letterboxes therefore, the cake can be delivered by Royal Mail, meaning there is no need to sign for it and it can be a fun surprise for the recipient!

 Baker Days make personalised cakes. You can add an image of someone, or a brand name etc. To celebrate (almost) 2,500 followers, I opted for a cherry blossom theme cake. The printing on the cake is crystal clear and the pastel colours of sky blue and blush pink, give the cake a lovely spring-like appearance.

So, here's the fun part...

If you're keen to personalise, create and try out your own Baker Days letterbox cake, all you need to do is fill out the raffle copter below!
  • This competition is hosted by Baker Days.
  • Once the competition has ended, I will contact the winner and Baker Days will help you design your cake and arrange an appropriate date for delivery.

To be in with a chance of winning, just complete the rafflecopter below!

I'd just like to say thank you so much for following, commenting and being so supportive. 
Oh, and good luck all!

Shopping Haul- New Look, Boots and Primark Haul April 2016

Hello Everyone

This is just a quick Haul of my weekend shopping spree!
I popped into Boots, Primark and New Look.

I got 2 t-shirts from Primark, the were a bargain at just £3 each

 This unicorn emoji sequin t-shirt was £7 from Primark

I spotted these dungarees in the 'teens' section of Newlook and surprisingly, they fitted! 

Finally, I purchased these two skincare items from Boots.
Soap and Glory Daily Youth Face Wash and Good Things Manuka and Honey Cleanser
£6                                                             £3.33 

I hope you enjoyed this quick haul,

Have you been on a shopping spree lately?


Kiss-Air Candles- A Gin and Tonic Scented Candle?!!

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm going to be reviewing the Kiss-Air 'gin and tonic' scented candle. Gin and Tonic is actually Kiss-Air Candles' most requested scent, so I thought you might be interested to see what I think of it...

I'm sure you've already heard of Kiss-Air Candles.

The company launched in March 2013 and they're known for using natural soyabean (vegetable) wax and premium fragrances to give a cleaner burn.

There are currently over 25 different fragrances available from Kiss-Air Candles and each candle burns for between 25 and 30 hours.

Now, I'll be honest, when I first saw that this candle was 'gin and tonic' scented, I wasn't overly enthused, however I was keen to give it a sniff- just out of curiosity.

I was surprised to find that this candle has a citrus-type scent. I think that there are also some notes of trees too. It's a very fresh scent and I think it will be a lovely candle to burn during Summer.

Kiss-Air Candles say- "Now it can be gin o'clock anytime with this unusual scented candle that gin drinkers will love! The fragrance begins with bubbly top notes of club soda with warm citrus enhancements; followed by middle notes of fresh rosemary and juniper; all embraced by a bottom note of crisp cedar."

The candle is neatly sat inside a gold coloured tin container which is wrapped in a powder-blue label, I really think that the pastel coloured packaging would look lovely and fresh in any home.

There are 5 other cocktail themed candles available from Kiss-Air Candles:

frozen margarita, pina colada, peach bellini, mojito and strawberry daiquiri

I'm particularly keen to try out the strawberry daiquiri scent!

Have you treated yourself to a Kiss-Air Candle yet?


8 Simple Steps to a Happier Life!

Hello Everybody!

Long time no see, eh?

I'm still blogging from my iPad although very soon, I shall be purchasing a shiny new laptop, so if you spot any crazy spelling mistakes, feel free to curse at auto correct
  (I've definitely thrown my fair share of curses at auto correct whilst trying to blog from my iPad)!

So, as I like to attempt to be as optimistic as possible, I've found myself constantly looking for the good things in life. They're are always there, smiling back at you and when you notice the good things, it's easy to take the steps towards a happier life.

So, here we go...

  • Give somebody a compliment. It's such a simple gesture but just think back to the last time you received a compliment, chances are, it made you smile and put a 'spring in your step'. Spreading positivity is the first step to take towards living a happier life.
  • Plan your outfit the night before. When you know you look good, you'll feel good and thus, you'll have a good day. Plan your outfit the night before so that when the morning rolls around and you're in a hurry, you don't have to resort to wearing yesterdays un-washed pale pink soup-stained dress!
  • Write a list of to do's. I like to do this the night before. I think about all the tasks, both big and small that I've noticed I need to do. If they're written on paper, they will be harder to ignore than if they're just in your head.
  •  Each night, write down one thing that you're thankful for. There are many gratitude books available on amazon or eBay They are great for teaching us to think positively and live with a thankful heart.
  •  Set time aside for yourself. Whether it's time for you to sit quietly and read, paint your nails, or apply a face mask- or all three of those things!  Set some time aside for yourself.
  •  Follow Blossoming Daydreams. Hehe, cheeky little plug there. When I'm back to my regular schedule, I'm going to be making a lot more 'positivity posts'. 
  • Get it done! That task that has remained on your to-do list for the past week and has been at the back of your mind for ages- get it done! There's nothing more depressing than procrastinating the dreaded jobs. Most of the time, the task is much more enjoyable / simple than we pre-empt it to be anyway.
  • Be thankful. We are all human and therefore, we all have issues from time to time. It can be easy to believe that if we had 'this' or 'that', we'd be much more happy. It's important that we accept the issues we encounter and remember to be thankful for the good things that we already have.
Good luck lovelies,

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