8 Simple Steps to a Happier Life!

Hello Everybody!

Long time no see, eh?

I'm still blogging from my iPad although very soon, I shall be purchasing a shiny new laptop, so if you spot any crazy spelling mistakes, feel free to curse at auto correct
  (I've definitely thrown my fair share of curses at auto correct whilst trying to blog from my iPad)!

So, as I like to attempt to be as optimistic as possible, I've found myself constantly looking for the good things in life. They're are always there, smiling back at you and when you notice the good things, it's easy to take the steps towards a happier life.

So, here we go...

  • Give somebody a compliment. It's such a simple gesture but just think back to the last time you received a compliment, chances are, it made you smile and put a 'spring in your step'. Spreading positivity is the first step to take towards living a happier life.
  • Plan your outfit the night before. When you know you look good, you'll feel good and thus, you'll have a good day. Plan your outfit the night before so that when the morning rolls around and you're in a hurry, you don't have to resort to wearing yesterdays un-washed pale pink soup-stained dress!
  • Write a list of to do's. I like to do this the night before. I think about all the tasks, both big and small that I've noticed I need to do. If they're written on paper, they will be harder to ignore than if they're just in your head.
  •  Each night, write down one thing that you're thankful for. There are many gratitude books available on amazon or eBay They are great for teaching us to think positively and live with a thankful heart.
  •  Set time aside for yourself. Whether it's time for you to sit quietly and read, paint your nails, or apply a face mask- or all three of those things!  Set some time aside for yourself.
  •  Follow Blossoming Daydreams. Hehe, cheeky little plug there. When I'm back to my regular schedule, I'm going to be making a lot more 'positivity posts'. 
  • Get it done! That task that has remained on your to-do list for the past week and has been at the back of your mind for ages- get it done! There's nothing more depressing than procrastinating the dreaded jobs. Most of the time, the task is much more enjoyable / simple than we pre-empt it to be anyway.
  • Be thankful. We are all human and therefore, we all have issues from time to time. It can be easy to believe that if we had 'this' or 'that', we'd be much more happy. It's important that we accept the issues we encounter and remember to be thankful for the good things that we already have.
Good luck lovelies,


  1. These are really great tips! Definitely need to follow some more:)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Ohhh, these are good tips! I actually do some of these and they for sure help!


  3. I always love posts like that - so I'm looking forward to your future posts in the same theme! It can be hard to be positive in our daily life, so it's super useful to remember these little things. The part about writing down what we are thankful for is my favourite, I should start doing that!
    Hope blogging isn't too annoying from your iPad, to see the positive in it, at least it trains your iPad abilities :P

    Julia xx

  4. your blog is so positive, thank you so much for a wonderful post, i am definitely gonna follow ur blog bcoz ur blog is heaven to me...:)

  5. Love these tips so much! I also love how positive you and your blog is!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Leibster Award, I love you posts and would love to see your take on it! check out my post about it :-) have a good day!

    Heather x www.heathermaisie.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Aww, I love this list of tips! Taking time for myself is a big one for me. Whether that's sleeping in or taking a bubble bath, relaxing with a little "me time" always improves my mood! And I love to see people's faces light up when they get a compliment. I think recognizing what you love about others helps you love yourself too.

    Stay lovely,
    Corin | All Paths Lead to Wonderland


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