W7 Cosmetics Review!

Hello Everyone,

Today's post features W7 Cosmetics. This brand has made an appearance on Blossoming Daydreams quite a lot over the years.

W7 make dupes for popular high-end (and usually high priced) items of makeup. Their products range from makeup brushes to skincare and their items are always reasonably priced. 
W7 Kindly sent me an array of items to review and share my thoughts on, this is what I received...

Powder Puff,  Cheeky Chaps Multi Blush,  Tinted Kiss Nourishing Lip Oil  and Lashtastic False Liquid Lash

 The 'lashtastic false lash mascara' was the item that I was most excited to try. I'm not certain if this product is a dupe for a specific mascara so I can't compare it, but I think I'm a fan. It does take a couple of coats to build up some volume and I did end up smudging a little bit of mascara onto my eyelid (due to it being a short-bristled, large wand) but the formula is very workable and I was pleased to find that the mascara does not flake throughout the day. After 3 coats of this mascara, my lashes did have a 'false lash look' and they didn't clump together, which is something I often find when applying multiple coats of other mascaras.
I wouldn't reccommend that you drop your current mascara and rush to buy this one, but for the price, I think it is pretty good.

This is probably my least favourite item of the four. Looking at the colours, I thought this would give my cheeks a lovely glowing flush of colour, however I found the pigmentation to be quite low and even after swirling my brush around in the product several times, I struggled pick up any of the pretty colours. I will say that with the colours being quite shimmery, some very fine sparkles were picked up by my brush and applied to my cheeks, this did give them a fresh faced, glowing appearance which I imagine will be lovely for summer-time, so all was not lost!

The Powder Puff is clearly a dupe for the well known and loved beauty blender. I followed the instructions and it worked a treat. It's unique shape allowed foundation to be applied easily and it was particularly useful when applying foundation around the eyes and nose. It feels very good quality and is also a gorgeous lilac colour- a good all-rounder, really.

This item is definitely my favourite of the selection. It is a glossy lip oil and it's tinted with a subtle peach colour. The scent is fruity and fresh and it moisturised my lips so well. I'm actually considering ditching my current lip balm and just using this because it is so much better. I suffer from very dry lips ,especially in winter and I often struggle to find lipstick that are suitable for me. This lip oil gave a lovely glossy sheen of colour to my lips and when it had it sunk in, it left them a natural-looking peachy colour and super soft.
5* from me.

Have you ever tried a product from W7 Cosmetics? Are you also a fan?

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  1. This is a really interesting review as I'm always curious about W7! I'm not surprised that the pigmentation of the blusher isn't great, this is the risk with cheaper alternatives - and a friend of mine has tried a Benefit blusher dupe from W7 too and the pigmentation was quite poor. The mascara seems quite good! And the tinted lip oil seems to be a really good product as well, especially if it does moisturise the lips well. Thank you for sharing Georgia, this is really useful considering that W7 is a very affordable brand that we could all try out :)

    Julia xx
    Last post: A Morning in Paris OOTD | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr/2016/01/ootd-winter-morning-in-paris.html

  2. W7 are such a great brand. They always make fab dupes. Deffo going to get that lip oil, it sounds lush X

  3. The Powder Puff sounds really good and such a good price compared to beauty blenders =D

  4. Great post, dear!

  5. I need to buy some of their products after reading this!

  6. love the products

  7. great post! I've been curious about the W7 sponge so after reading this I will be picking one up for sure!



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