Nail Polish Collection!

Hello Everybody!

Today, I thought it might be nice to share my nail polish collection with you.

I sorted out my beauty drawers earlier this month and since things are neat and tidy (for now), I figured it would be fun to photograph and rate each nail polish.

As you've probably noticed, the vast majority of them are by the brand Barry M and this is because I find Barry M nail polish's so affordable and the highest quality for the price. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Essie, O.P.I and other high-end polishes but since I'm always changing the colour on my nails, and I'm on a pretty low budget, I tend to spend less so that I've got more choice.

To keep things short but sweet, I will name the brand and colour of each polish and I will also describe and rate each polish out of 10 (with '10/10' being the highest rating).
So, here we go...

Pinks and Reds

♥ Ciate Strawberry Milkshake- 5/10- Lovely opaque ballet pink but peeled away from the nails quite quickly.

♥ Essie Lovie Dovie- 8/10- Pretty bubbegum pink which is perfect for spring-time.

♥ Barry M nail paint in Dragon Fruit- 7/10- Very wearable blossom pink which has a subtle shimmer giving the nails a high-shine finish.

♥ China Glaze nail lacquer in Don't desert me- 9/10- Pearly magenta pink which has good staying power and is highly pigmented.

♥ Barry M nail paint in Grapefruit- 7/10- Summery brink pink that looks very pretty with a tan.

♥ Barry M nail paint in Passion fruit- 7/10- Bright scarlet pink, it's the perfect colour for toes in summer.

♥ Barry M nail paint in Raspberry- 8/10- Very sophisticated chestnut red, quite long lasting and lovely at Christmas.

♥ Nails Inc Tate- 9/10- Deep Burgundy which is easy to apply and has brilliant staying power.

♥ O.P.I In a Holidaze- 10/10- Warm rosewood colour, applies to the nail like a dream, dries quickly and remains chip-free for ages.

Purples and Blues

✿ Nails Inc Wigmore Street- 7/10- Deep eggplant purple which is lovely in autumn. Looks a little darker on the nail than it does in the bottle.

✿ Barry M high shine nail paint in plum- 8/10- High pigmented royal purple colour which looks super shiny on the nails.

✿ Essie Full steam ahead- 9/10- Shimmery lavender colour which has a gel-finish on the nails.

✿ Barry M high shine nail paint in Prickly Pear- 8/10- A muted heather, looks lovely in spring with pastel clothing and gives the nails a gel shine.

✿ Barry M high shine nail paint in Sugar Apple- 9/10- A pretty sky blue that applies to the nails like a dream. I wore this for Easter last year and was complimented several times.

✿ Barry M high shine nail paint in Green Berry- 8/10- A Caribbean green which looks great as part of a rainbow/ smarties nail effect.

✿ Barry M high shine nail paint in Blueberry- 10/10- A highly shiny cornflower blue which looks frosty in winter and peppy in summer.

✿ Barry M high shine nail paint in Blue Grape- 6/10- A cobalt blue which looks a little darker on the nail than in the bottle. I gave it a lower rating because it can stain the nails if used without a base coat.

✿ Essie magnetic nail polish in Snake it up- 9/10- A navy blue polish with a marbled effect. When the magnet is held above the nail, a diamond/snake pattern forms.


★ Misa nail lacquer in Don't Blink- 8/10- A sandy gold opaque glitter which I think resembles stardust. Only one coat is required and it remains chip-free for ages.

 ★ Barry M nail paint in Aqua Glitter- 10/10- A mermaid blue glitter polish which builds up to be opaque in 3 coats. A really lovely colour for any time of year.

★ Barry M nail paint in Lady- 7/10- A snow-white pearly glitter polish. The texture is similar to the one described above it can also be built up to opaque with several coats.

★ Barry M nail paint in Mermaid- 8/10- a gorgeous ocean-blue glitter polish with turquoise, navy and silver glitter. It is build-able but can peel away from the nail easily after a few days.

★ Barry M nail paint in Superdrug Birthday Edition- 10/10- a clear polish with various sizes of glitter.

 ★ Barry M nail paint in Limited Edition Gold Glitter- 6/10- a clear polish with strands of gold glitter suspended within it. The strands remind me of tinsel. It does tend peel away.

★ Seventeen Tinsel nail effects in Blue- 9/10- red gold and navy glitter particles suspended in a clear polish. Glitter is plentiful.

★ Seventeen Tinsel nail effects in Silver and White- 10/10- silver glitter chunks which catch the light beautifully. Goes with anything and is perfect on top of other polishes.

★ Barry M nail paint in Superdrug Birthday Edition- 10/10- hot pink polish with silver and pink glitter. Brilliant coverage and  fab staying power.

★ Barry M nail paint in Rose Gold-10/10- beautiful rose gold glitter in a clear polish. Looks lovely over a pale pink polish.

★  Barry M nail paint in White- 6/10- Milky white nail polish with various primary colour glitter pieces (can tend to look like PVA glue and glitter)

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post lovelies, thank you for reading



  1. I love all the glittery ones :) They all look really nice :) I have more solid colors, but I'm planning on doing a collection myself soon :) Thanks for sharing xx

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  2. Ooh they all look so pretty! I can see a lot of Barry M which is one of my fav brand along with Essie :)

  3. Wow that's a lot of polishes! Great post X

  4. That's a lot of polish!!! So pretty!!!

  5. great collection:)


    anna from

  6. This is a really nice post, I like the fact that you took the time to give a description of each nail polish! You have so many glittery polishes, they all look great :) You're right about Barry M, their nail polishes are amazing for the price!

    Julia xx
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  7. Love the collection! xx I really need to get my hands on Ciate polishes

  8. This collection is amazing! Love it.

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  9. Wow that's an impressive nail polish collection! Thank you for the review and round-up. I love the various colours you have, especially the burgundy and purples.

    Luckily it's possible to get really nice quality polishes, without spending a small fortune.

    I hope you're having a fabulous 2016 so far!


  10. Cute post! I love Essie nail polishes too but can be expensive to buy often. Sophie xx

  11. This post is so cool, and that photo at the top (with the nail polishes in a circle) is awesome!

    Katie |

  12. WOW! You're collection of colours is gorgeous!! If you'd like, I nominated you for a lip product tag, which you can find on my blog. I definitely feel the need to paint my nails now :D xx


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