40 January Blog Post Ideas!

Hello Everyone,

With all the festivities soon to be behind us, it can be difficult to see the positives in January. Little motivation can result in out blogs looking deserted- but fear not, here is a list of 40 blog post ideas that will make your blog flourish (or even blossom-hehe get it?!) throughout the month of January!

  • Favourite books for January
  • Hot chocolate recipes
  • 2016 bucket list
  • January sales haul
  • Favourite comfort foods 
  • New years resolutions list
  •  Ways to beat the January blues
  • Winter OOTD
  • Valentines day preperation
  • Winter hair-care
  • Budget-friendly meals
  •  Favourite uplifting quotes
  • Movie night essentials
  • List of January positives (one could be snowdrop flowers)
  • Photographs from a Winter morning walk
  • Things that are happening in 2016
  • Fresh new home decor
  • Favourite candles for January list
  • Peppy January playlist
  • Winter skincare tips
  • Indoor picnic essentials
  • Favourite winter perfumes
  • Reflections on 2015
  • Makeup sort-out/organisation tips
  •  Snowed-in essentials
  • January Day in the life
  • Tips for saving money
  • Ways to stay motivated
  • General Winter favourites
  • Current favourite apps
  • Winter homeware DIYs
  • Budget-friendly makeup dupes
  • Winter wishlist- fashion, makeup, skincare, books, homeware
  • January nail designs
  • Winter morning routine
  • Winter night routine
  • Hairstyles tutorial
  • Night in routine
  • Day out on a budget
  • Room tour 

I hope that those ideas have given you some inspiration for your blog this January.
If you use any of these ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to check out your blog : )

Thanks for reading,

Notes from the Week

Seasons Greetings lovelies,

 This past week has been a busy (but good) one. I feel like I've been dashing to and fro and constantly ticking things off of my 'To Do's List' all in preparation for the Christmas season. *Little side note* how blooming-well quick is Christmas approaching?!

During the past week, I have spotted lots photograph oppurtunaties and I thought it would be nice to share some pictures from my week with you.

 Whilst in Wilkinsons, I spotted an owl glittery snow globe. As a lover of both glitter and owls, this was a must buy! It was marked up at £7 but only went through the tills at £4 whoop! I love it when that happens :D 

On Tuesday, we went up to our caravan to empty it's contents for Winter. Whilst there, I spotted the giant cupcake cookie jar which I'd totally forgotten about. Anyway, I decided it was just too pretty to be left over the Winter in an empty caravan so I brought it back and re-homed it in my kitchen. I'm going to buy some mince pies to put into the jar, I'm thinking of getting some of those huge sponge cake mince pies that they sell at Costco. Mmmm :P

On Friday I had a little pamper night with a face mask, some tasty snacks and a Lush bath. I used a floral bath bomb and it made an the water super silky- most relaxing bath ever!

Whilst Christmas shopping on Amazon, I spotted Louise's Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary. I had already decided that I'd like to buy it, so when I saw that it was only £4.00 with free delivery, I popped it into my basket quicker than you can say 'a Sprinkle Of Glitter!'
It really is the most beautiful piece of stationary that I ever did see and I'm so excited to use my sparkly silver gel pens to fill each page with plans and memories.

We picked up this festive cushion from The Range and since our Christmas colour-scheme is gold and cream, it fits right in! I think it was in the sale and a snip at £5.50.

And finally, whilst in the Christmas isle at Asda, I spotted a pack of 6 Iced Mince pies. As a lover of anything sweet, these were very appealing and for only £1 per pack, they were a steal. They're so delicious and even better after they've been warmed up for 15 seconds in the microwave!

I hope you enjoyed reading this lovelies. If you did, I will plan to do more weekly round-ups in the new year.

The Portland Hotel in Manchester Blogger Review!

Hello Daydreamers!

I was super lucky and I won a competition on twitter. The prize was an overnight stay with breakfast included at The Portland Hotel in Manchester.
 My mum and I had not stayed at this hotel before but when we read that it was a 'Thistle' hotel, we were super excited because we have stayed at (and loved) quite a few Thistle hotels in the past.  

We caught the train into Manchester and as we were walking towards the hotel, in true British fashion it began top rain- lots, however this didn't phase us one bit because since the hotel is so well known, we were able to find it super fast. Upon arrival, we were able to swiftly check in and we were given the key to our room. I always think that's the best part of staying in a hotel; getting to see the room that you're staying in!

The room was lovely and warm, spotlessly clean and we were able to pop the kettle on and choose from a lovely selection of tea, coffee and biscuits.
(I'm sorry that these 2 images are a little blurred, they were my mums photos taken on her iPad) 

Even though there was a flat screen LCD television and free unlimited WiFi in the room, we decided to take some magazines so we could just chill out and read all the celebrity gossip and the Christmas gift guides! 

The next day at breakfast, there was a selection of both English and continental items. We had breakfast in our room because it sounded novel and we were also too lazy get ready to go downstairs early haha. 
I'm more of a continental kinda gal so I opted for a Danish pastry (which we were surprised to received 4 of) rice crispies and strawberry yoghurt. My Mum chose the full English breakfast with white toast and we also received a selection of jams, marmalade and honey.

 So all in all, we had a lovely stay at The Portland Hotel and we would recommend it to anybody who's looking for a warm, welcoming hotel located in the centre of Manchester. All the staff were super friendly and they really went above and beyond. 
The hotel is also in an ideal position to be staying in if you're visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post lovelies : ) 

Feel free to follow and never miss a post!


Hello Daydreamers

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first blog post!

I actually made Blossoming Daydreams some time in late November of 2014 but I'm that much of a procrastinator, I didn't publish my first blog post (this Christmas Lush haul) until 4th December. 

I'll keep this short but sweet. I just wanted to say thank you. 
Thank you to all the lovely people who leave equally lovely comments. I remember when I first started out blogging, I used to get nervous to press 'publish' on a post or I'd overthink everything I was typing, out of fear of being judged as a rubbish blogger. 
I remember getting anxious over silly things and really, looking back there was no need!

I know this little blog is only a mere fraction of the internet, but it feels safe. It's a place where I can express myself and I hope my followers/readers/commenters feel they are able to express their thoughts. In my opinion, bloggers are for sure the kindest of people.

Once again, I want to say thank you to everyone who's reading this, thank you for welcoming me into this happy little community where in my experience, nobody has a bad word to say, everyone's views are accepted and mostly, it seems that we're all really flippin' kind!

When I love something, I commit to it and over the past year, I've committed to blogging. I hope that this continues to be a lovely heart warming little hobby for many years to come :)

 Here's to blogging!
Thank you for reading lovelies.

 If you're also a blogger, feel free to leave your blog URL in the comments below. I love finding new blogs to read x
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