Hello Daydreamers

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first blog post!

I actually made Blossoming Daydreams some time in late November of 2014 but I'm that much of a procrastinator, I didn't publish my first blog post (this Christmas Lush haul) until 4th December. 

I'll keep this short but sweet. I just wanted to say thank you. 
Thank you to all the lovely people who leave equally lovely comments. I remember when I first started out blogging, I used to get nervous to press 'publish' on a post or I'd overthink everything I was typing, out of fear of being judged as a rubbish blogger. 
I remember getting anxious over silly things and really, looking back there was no need!

I know this little blog is only a mere fraction of the internet, but it feels safe. It's a place where I can express myself and I hope my followers/readers/commenters feel they are able to express their thoughts. In my opinion, bloggers are for sure the kindest of people.

Once again, I want to say thank you to everyone who's reading this, thank you for welcoming me into this happy little community where in my experience, nobody has a bad word to say, everyone's views are accepted and mostly, it seems that we're all really flippin' kind!

When I love something, I commit to it and over the past year, I've committed to blogging. I hope that this continues to be a lovely heart warming little hobby for many years to come :)

 Here's to blogging!
Thank you for reading lovelies.

 If you're also a blogger, feel free to leave your blog URL in the comments below. I love finding new blogs to read x


  1. Gorgeous blog lovely :) Happy one year of blogging xx

  2. Happy blogging birthday! x

  3. Happy blogiversary Georgia! One year of blogging must be something so special :) I'm happy for you, particularly that you can feel more confident about what you write now! I'll still be reading your blog, I love your content and your nice personality :D

    Julia x
    | |

  4. Awww! Happy Blogiversary my dear Georgia, and here's to many more to come! You should be really proud of yourself and your blog, really beautiful work and posts! xxxxx

  5. Happy Blogversary! <3 May the next years be even more fun and inspiring for you!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Such a sweet post. I hope you continue blogging for years to come =)


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