Keeping Your Blog Organised! (Weekend Writers)

Hello Daydreamers!

In this weeks weekend writers, I'm making a post showing how I keep organized with my blog. I find that when everything is clear and in order, blogging is much more enjoyable so here are some of my favourite ways to keep organized! 

Plan Monthy

I like to plan all my blog posts at the beginning of each month. 
I make a new post and title it. Inside the post I make notes of the points I want to include, picture ideas, and a time frame in which I plan for the post to be published. I find that planning things this way, helps me to keep on track of upcoming/outstanding posts and also remember the initial ideas for each individual blog post.

Use a Notebook/Blog Planner

I'm yet to treat myself to a snazzy blog planner and at the moment, I'm enjoying using a simple notebook. I usually only write about all the initial post ideas in my notebook before moving the successful plans over to my blog.
 At the moment, seasonal post ideas are filling my notebook and I have several pages packed full with Autumn goodies!

Take Pictures in Batches

I love taking pictures for my blog but I remember that it used to be a pretty lengthy process- setting up the correct lighting, arranging the items and then editing the picture to perfection. I have found that I've saved a lot of time since I began taking pictures in batches. 

Pre-Write Sponsored/PR Posts

Unlike non-sponsored posts, when a brand is giving you something to review, there's often a deadline attached in the agreement. Prior to receiving the item, I like to research the product that they're sending me and write a post including things that I can comment on before actually trying the product out this includes things like the claims that the company makes, the popularity/ past reviews on the item and the companies history/other products; then when I receive the item, all I need to do is try it out and type up a paragraph about my opinion, take some pictures and the post is ready to go! 

So I hope that these points come in handy for you in the near future, feel free to share any of your organization tips in the comments below :D


  1. Great tips!! I have yet to get a blog planner either. :)

  2. I really need to start planning more often, thank you so much for your insightful post and lovely tips! xxxxx

  3. great tips! I definitely want to start planning my posts monthly!

  4. Thanks for the tips, esp. about saving time on taking pictures x

  5. What a well structured way of planning

  6. Great tips, I find it very difficult to manage my own time effectively and at times can lose focus. This is really helpful thank you.

  7. Some great ideas here x I photograph in bulk as well, it's best to make the most of great light when you can.

    Katie | Katie Angela

  8. Some really handy tips here, thanks! :)

  9. Brilliant tips for making things easier and reducing the stress!


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