Fun and Free Blog Post Ideas for Autumn (Weekend Writers!)

 Happy Friday Daydreamers!

For this weeks 'Weekend Writers', I decided to make a list of fun autumn activities which can be made into a blog post. All of these activities and crafts offer beautiful picture oppurtunaties and will also be sure to make your readers super excited for the wonderful season, autumn!


Autumn Activities!

Fun autumn activities which will generate fab photographs and memories. You could...
  • Embark on an autumn walk- take pictures and describe your journey, jump in a bale of amber leaves and photograph it! 
  • Take a long drive to the countryside and photograph all of the autumn related things.
  •  Go apple picking- lots of fun photo opportunities and you could even show what you made with the apples (E.g bake an apple pie)
  •  Carve a pumpkin- show your creative side and go all out with glitter, jewels and paint!
  • Throw an autumn/fall party and celebrate the return of the best season!
  • Set yourself a task E.g learn to knit and make a follow up post in a few months on how it's going.
  • I'm going to mention the 'C' word now...*Takes deep breath* StartYourChristmasShopping! *scurries off* 

Autumn Home DIYs!

These are all great fun if you have little ones, or if you're just a big kid like me!

  • Decorate acorns/pinecones with glitter, attach them to ribbon and make a garland or wind-chime or both!
  •  Paint dried-out leaves and decorate with glitter.
  •  Make a autumn tray (Pinterest it) 
  • Make a pine cone bird feeder, (Pinterest it) once it's in the garden you could phototograph the birds it attracts.
  • Create a beautiful autumn leaf bunting!

Autumn Food! 

You could show your readers the recipe to some of your favourite autumnal food! 
Some examples are...

  • Hot chocolates with all the dressings- cream, marshmallows, sprinkles and dusting.
  • Gingerbread men/houses/biscuits.
  • Toffee/chocolate apples.
  • Comfort food such as your favourite homemade meal.
  • Fruit crumbles.
  • Apple pie.
  • Apple cider.
  • Fruit loaf.
  • And of course delicious cinnamon rolls!

Autumn Fashion/Beauty! 

Fashion is forever changing and as we more into autumn, there is a vast array of new clothes, colours and makeup. Some fun autumn fashion posts include...

  • Nail art DIY.
  • Autumn inspired makeup.
  • Autumn themed FOTD.
  •  Autumn fashion post- E.g an OOTD.
  • Autumn shopping haul.
  • LUSH autumn haul! Ahhh I'm so excited for Lush to bring out their limited edition autumn/winter products!

Autumn Traditions!

If you often participate in several of the fun things mentioned above, tell your readers with an 'autumnal traditions' post! 

Are ya excited for autumn yet?! I know I am.

If you use any of these ideas, be sure to leave a comment below and a link to your blog, I'd love to check them out : )

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  1. Nice post idea! It made me smile when you spoke about Christmas, because of course it is so early still but we are all thinking about it already! :p
    I love the idea of a leaf bunting, it must look so pretty in one's room and I'd never thought about that before!

    Julia xx
    Check out my nail polishes picks for autumn here:

  2. Great post =]

  3. Lovely ideas and you've got me even more excited for Lush to bring out their autumn/winter products! Snow fairy will be back :D xx
    Chasing Belle 23


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