Primark Haul February 2015!

On Tuesday, my mum and I went shopping and we popped into Primark, I only wanted some coat hangers but ya know how it is, before I knew it, I had a wide array of things that I didn't need but felt I needed to buy :P This is what I got...

I wasn't blown away by the clothes this time so I mostly got accessories and 'bits and bobs'
Up first is these pyjamas. I saw them and thought they were cute, then I saw the price and had to get them, they were £3.00 down from £5.00 whoooo! They feel soft and lightweight so will be super comfy!

Then I picked up this floral hair bando which was £1.00 It has blush coloured rosebuds with little pearl centres and I think it will be a nice accessory to wear in the spring time.

These bracelets which were £2- I just thought they were sweet so picked them up!
I went to the homeware section and to be honest, I wasn't really blown away with the selection, but then I spotted this cute little candle. As you can imagine it smells really sweet and actually is just like coconut and vanilla put together. It has only been in my room for an hour and I've not lit it yet and when I walk in I can instantly smell it- for such a little candle it's pretty powerful. This was 80p

Then I got these coat hangers- which is what I originally went in for. They are super flat (which means I can fit more clothes in my wardrobe- always a bonus!) and they feel like they are made from felt which means that my dresses and tops don't slip off like they do with the standard plastic ones. I already had a load of these and just needed some more. These were £3.50 for a pack of 10.

 I wanted a new foundation brush and thought I'd give this a try, it was £1.50 When I got it home, I realised it also a concealer brush on the other side- a nice little extra : ) The bristles are super soft and it feels pretty well made.

I also picked up this pack of beaded bracelets for £1

They had quite a few floral bun rings in Primark I picked up this Blue/Grey one as I think it is very fitting for winter.

Back in December I was getting tired of all the rain and cold weather here in England and decided to go onto boohoo and do a bit of retail therapy. I got a white crochet sundress in the sale and had visions of it being 30 degrees out and walking around all cool in my floaty white dress (I'm aware I sound slightly crazy). I haven't worn it yet- with it still being winter. I saw this headband and thought it would go perfectly with the dress so now I'm super excited for spring/ summer so I can wear them together! This was £1.50

Then when I was queuing to pay, there was a selection of phone cases which were all reduced to £1 and despite me already having 3 phone cases (and obviously only one phone) I decided to get this blue one which has birds and leaves on it.

  I hope you enjoyed reading this post,


  1. Such cute stuff! The pjs are super cute and just in time for Easter! I've never tried their brushes but can't really go wrong for £1.50! Great haul xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! The PJ's are amazing, I might have to buy some. I can't wait for spring and wear loads of pretty accessories. The white head band is so nice as well as the beaded bracelets. Lovely post.

  3. We have all been there, gone into primark for one thing and left with everything! haha
    Their candles are amazing and I love that phone case, may have to go and have a look myself :)
    Steph xx

  4. You found really cool things! I love the pjs, I've seen them before and wanted them as well so I might get them :p
    The hair accessories you've got are lovely!

    Julia x
    Check my last beauty post here:

  5. Primark is awesome for retail therapy! I love the bunny pyjamas! Lovely post :) x

  6. Yeah so, Australia has no Primark, Imma cry. Every single item you got is amazing!! I have an iphone case really similar to that one, I love it. I think that its on my phone right now haha.

  7. Love the pyjamas. Primary is amazing for bargains. I didn't realise they did phone cases!

  8. Pjs from primark are always essential! X

    Silk & Sparkles outfit post is up on my blog-

  9. Okay I just saw this post and I really love the bunny tee. The hair accessories are also on point! I love the cute bun ring and the headband is so boho chic! I also wanted to let you know I posted my first DIY post and I hope you could check it out? Thanks Georgia! :D

  10. The pyjamas from Primark are so comfy! X


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