Autumn 2016 Favourites!

Merry Autumn, my lovelies.

From reading my latest blog posts, I think it's pretty obvious that I'm loving every. single. minute of Autumn. It's just such a wonderful season! 
Since I love this time of year so much, I have an eclectic mix of 'Autumn essentials', and lovely Autumnal treats. I thought it would be nice to share my Autumn favourites with you today.

So, up first in my Autumn favourites is what you might consider an odd favourite for a beauty blog. It's soup! Now I know this sounds a little crazy but hear me out. I think that 'soup' and 'Autumn' are the perfect pair. I'm particularly enjoying 'Covent Garden' soups at the moment. They're fresh soups which can be found in the chilled section of most supermarkets - and are delicious. I would highly recommend the fresh tomato soup by Covent Garden too.

Another Autumn essential for me is a good book. At the moment, I've been reading (and loving) 'Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes. It's a great, witty book about beauty products and regimes. If you're looking for a light hearted - yet educational read, this is the book for you!

As with any other time of the year, I have been obsessing over candles! The one I have been enjoying lately is the 'White Jasmine' candle by next. It's such a welcoming and fresh scent.

To keep my hair soft and hydrated during the Autumn, I like to treat it with lots of conditioning products. My current favourite are the Garnier Ultimate Blends in 'delicate oat' 

Glitter is great all year 'round, but I hint that it really comes into its own around this time of year. I've been getting my 'glitter fix' in the form of glitter nail polish. I find that a coat or two of glitter polish over a rich autumnal nail polish really brings the nails to life.

Bath bombs are another Autumn essential for me. I know that I'm not alone on this one and I can honestly say at I feel giddy with excitement when I think about the Lush Autumn / Halloween items being released soon!

A lip balm is an odvious essential and one that I've been LOVING is the strawberry EOS that I bought in boots. It really is so hydrating for the lips and it lasts for ages too. 

Chocolate is a staple for most and I've been really enjoying drinking a Cadbury hot chocolate during the evenings. And who can say no to a chocolate biccy or two?! Yum!

10 Things That Will Make Autumn 2016 Incredible!

Hello Daydreamers

As you may already know (if you've been a reader for years), I love, love, LOVE Autumn!
Everything about the season just fills me with glee. The crisp morning weather; the changing tones of nature; the soft, cozy knitwear and the promise of Christmas.

If you are also an Autumn enthusiast, here are 10 things that will make your Autumn 2016 truly incredible...

Decorate for fall - this may seem like an obvious suggestion, but if you really want to get into the spirit of things, go ahead and get decorating! Whether you simply want to add a splash of orange here and there or go all-out with Pinterest projects, get decorating! It will warm your home and your (Autumn-loving) soul.

Have an Autumn picnic - this is one of my favourite Autumn activities. I firmly believe that picnics should be officially an Autumn pastime. Picnics this time of year are so much better - pack a flask of creamy hot chocolate, toasties, pies, cakes, a box of biccys and you're good to go! Upon entering the park, you'll easily find the perfect picnic spot with all the beautiful surrounding golden leaves. 
I'm just be sure to wrap snug up in your chunky knitwear!

Get cracking on an Autumn bucket list - you can find these all over he Internet, that are a great way of making sure that you manage to do the things you want and prevent time from passing you by.

Treat yourself - lots of special edition foods begin to pop up in Autumn particularly from Mr Kipling
and Starbucks. This is your chance to treat yourself to anything that has 'pumpkin spice' in the title - after all, it's only going to be around for a few weeks and it would be rude not to try out anything and everything ; )

Update your wardrobe - go ahead and furnish your closet with your Autumn style. Chunky knitwear, warm tones, sequins and brogues are common staple Autumn garments.

Plan a cozy night in - if you're from the UK, you'll probably be counting down the days to the first episode of Strictly Come Dancing (I know I am!). Get planning and organise a cozy night in with the new telly and scrummy food. Nights in are more socially acceptable in Autumn and winter and who wouldn't want to keep warm and comfortable indoors whilst it rains and pours outside?!

Take an Autumn walk - if you live near a park, wrap up warm and take a walk through the fresh, frosty trees.

Photograph - there is beauty all around throughout the year, but the beauty of Autumn is even more prevalent. Photos are the perfect way to capture the beauty.

The C word - minds out of the gutter please, not that 'c' word... you know what I mean - Christmas!
Now I'm sorry to those of you that refuse to acknowledge the festive season before December 1st, but I think it is so much fun to begin planning gifts and decor around this time of year.

Bake - whether it be your long-gone auntie Peggy's famous apple crumble, or a forgotten recipe from
 your Autumn Pinterest pin board, go ahead and get creative in the kitchen.

So I hope that this has inspired you to make he most of  Autumn 2016 and do let me know in the comments if you go ahead and do any of these things.

Thanks for reading, my loves.

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