A Summer-Time Afternoon | First OOTD!

 Hello Daydreamers

If you've been reading any of my most recent blog posts, you will already know that I'm dotty for this time of year. I just love everything about Summer, including the fashion!

I needed to find an outfit that would be suitable for a warm Summer morning walk and also, an afternoon family meal out. I popped onto Boohoo.com and I wasn't left disappointed, there are so many beautiful items available at the moment, it took all of my will power to not go on an all-out online shopping spree!

 So anyway, as this is just a quick post, here is the smart-casual outfit that I chose...

Here's Daisy. She wandered in, whilst the pictures were being taken so I let her join in on the fun!  
I don't think that I've ever mentioned her on Blossoming Daydreams before?!

Dress - Boohoo.com - £12
Black opaque tights - Primark - £3
Blush bow dolly shoes - Boohoo.com - £10

Rose-Gold Bracelet - Debenhams - £12
Flower ring - New Look - £3

and here is a little peek into the not-so-glamourous-constantly-mitered-by-dogs life I live...

In the two years that I've been blogging, I have never made an OOTD post. 
As I had so much fun putting this together, I think I'll be doing more in the future!
Would you like more OOTDs? Let me know what you think :)

Thanks for visiting, lovelies,


Good Things Skincare Range Review!

Hello Everyone

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

So you may have seen me on various social media channels singing praises for the Good Things Skincare range. I feel like I've said it multiple times lately, but I truly love this collection!

I have very dry skin and oftentimes in the past, I would find skincare products that I thought I loved. They would start off being highly effective in removing the makeup and cleansing the skin but then with continued use, my skin would become more and more dry/irritated. The problem would progressively get worse until I discontinued use of the product, and would have to embark upon the dreaded mission to find new suitable skincare.

This has happened more times than I care to admit, but alas- I have found (and been using for quite some time) a collection of products that are moisturising, refreshing, beautifully scented and perfectly packaged!

This Good Things range is fragranced with the sweet scent of honey- which in my opinion is perfect for summer.  

Each product:
  • Has a scent that varies in 'sweetness'
  •  Is free from parabens, mineral oils and sodium laureth sulphate
  • Effectively hydrates the skin whilst cleansing

The first product that I tried from the range was the creamy cleaner- and oh me oh my, by 'creamy' it means silky soft, super rich and ultra moisturising. 

I like to pat my face with a warm, damp face cloth. I then smooth a fifty-pence-piece sized amount over the skin. I gently emulsify, allowing the product to do its thing! After around one minute, I take the face cloth and glide it over my skin, removing the cleanser and in turn, removing every last trace of makeup.

If you already have quite oily skin, I'd imagine that you'd be able to use this without a moisturiser because it does leave a soft film of moisture over the skin.

Whilst I was in Boots, the sunshine-yellow packaging of the manuka honey refining face scrub quickly caught my eye. The main ingredients include manuka honey, oats and sweet almond oil.

The scent of this one is quite mellow and very calming. This scrub is not at all abrasive and I actually like to use this on a daily basis. 

The naturally exfoliating particles in this product are small pieces of oat. They work together with the sweet almond oil (which is naturally rich in fatty acids) to polish away rough skin cells and the manuka honey helps to balance out moisture levels. 

As I mentioned before, I have dry skin and my mum actually has quite oily skin. We both love this product and we've actually considered purchasing several and 'stocking up' just incase it ever gets discontinued!

Aaahhh now for the clay face mask!

With all of the lovely hot weather we've been fortunate enough to get lately, I've been enjoying applying a cool face mask during the evening. On one particularly hot day, I decided I wanted something extra cooling on my skin and in one slightly crazy moment, I decided to place this little tube of joy into the fridge (as you do!) for around 30 minutes.

After applying the cool mask to my face, my skin felt ultra refreshed. The smooth formula initially goes onto the skin just like any other mask- smoothly and easily. After about five minutes, you'll begin to feel your cheeks and chin becoming tight- nothing too drastic, just a little firm. I like to leave this on for around 15 minutes and once the clay is set, I rinse with warm water but I think that the required time would vary depending on the skin type. 

The sweet honey scent is definitely most prevalent in the daily moisturiser.

When I first bought this, I only used it in the evening, after removing my makeup/cleansing. Since I love the product so much, I have now transitioned into also using it in the morning.

The formula is very light and airy. When I apply it to my face, it does not 'mask' the skin like some heavier moisturisers can tend to do and despite the lightweight texture, it is extremely moisturising. Any tight/dry areas on the skin are quickly tended to and I have found that after it has sunk in, this product leaves an ideal base for liquid foundation. 

So there are my current skincare loves!

As you can probably tell, I'm super impressed. I have been using these products for around three months now and my skin just keeps on getting better by the day.

I hope that you enjoyed this little review and I'd just like to say, thank you to everyone that has followed this blog. I took a look on Bloglovin' this morning and I was astonished to see that Blossoming Dadreams now has 2,700 followers.

I'm so happy to have you lovely lot here, reading/commenting :D

 Thanks again everyone,


W7 'In the Nude' Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Everybody!

 *This post contains PR Samples.

Today, I'm going to be reviewing the W7 'In The Nude' eye shadow palette. It's been dubbed as a dupe or the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and for several months, I've been keen to try it out. 

As you can see, the 12 eye shadows are neatly packaged within a cream-coloured tin.

 The palette comes complete with a double ended eye shadow applicator. One end is (the mostly dreaded) sponge applicator and the other is (the far less dreaded) brush applicator. I wasn't really expecting much from the brush side, but I must say that I'm pretty impressed. It's small enough to accurately apply eye shadow into the crease of the eye, and it's lovely and soft too. I'd always choose my original eye shadow brushes over this one but if I was traveling, and happened to forget my brush roll, I'd be thankful for the applicator provided.

The most impressive thing about these eye shadows is definitely the pigmentation. 
They're velvet-soft to touch and each one blends like a dream
I find that the warmer-toned eye shadows in this palette really flatter the colour of blue eyes and this palette is perfect because it's filled with warm bronzes and subtle blush pinks which are known to be ideal for those with fair skin and blue eyes.

All in all, I think this palette is a bargain at £9.99 for 12 highly pigmented eye shadows
it's excellent value for money and I'm now keen to try out the other two W7 eye shadow palettes.

Have you tried any of the W7 eye shadow palettes?

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