Taffy Mail - May Box

Hello Everybody!

*This post contains PR samples

Today I'm going to show you a fab subscription service called Taffy Mail. 
This is an American candy subscription service, and it's the first one in the UK!

Here is what was inside the May Taffy Mail box...

First up is one of my all-time-favourites. Reeces peanut butter cups have been my favourite American candy ever since we got them over in the UK. 
These are white chocolate cups which just make them even better!

These care similar to Reeses peanut butter cups, in shape and packaging however, they're filled with a whipped cream centre. The 'whipped cream centre' definitely seemed more like a soft marshmallow centre. I found these to be super sweet and two was definitely enough.

These baked snacks remind me of ritz cracers, or cheddars. 
They're super salty and reallllly cheesy.

I'm not usually a fan of watermelon flavoured sweets, however these bubblegum pieces are actually pretty good.

The flavour of this fizzy drink is what I can only describe as 'tropical' it's super juicy and super carbonated too.

Cotton candy (or candy floss to us Brits) flavoured popping candy - super fun and unusual too.
Do any of you know if it's true that Aussies call candy floss / cotton candy 'fairy floss'
If it's true, then that's the cutest thing I've ever heard!

I thought these were delicious!
They reminded me of after eight mints and as I love chocolate and mint, these were sooo good. 

I'm thinking that these sweets are the american equivalent to what we call 'jaw breakers'. They're fruity hard sweets. I was pleased to find that there were a total of 5 different flavours inside the pack.

These individually-wrapped chocolate cakes with cream / icing inside apparently have 250 calories per serving and a 'serving' classed as two of the cakes.
As they were super sweet (but super delicious), I found that one was just enough. So for 125 calories, these cakes were great. Especially with a good cup of tea - how British of me!

I have seen Corn Nuts here, there and everywhere lately. I was super excited to try them out but in all honesty, I was a little disappointed. They're pretty tasteless and they tend to leave an artificial after taste, however that being said, my Dad was happy to have the and he said they were "very good" which is high praise, I guess.

These super cute ice cream cones which are just  40 calories for the two, whoop!
They are very similar to pink 'n' whites in taste and texture, however the ice cream shape of these treats is much more fun, in my opinion.

Fun sized vanilla-flavoured nougat coated in milk chocolate. 
This was so tasty and I wished it was a bigger. I think that I actually prefer american chocolate to the UK's chocolate.

Two tubes of Laffy Taffy which we definitely don't have here in the UK.
They're super chewy and super sweet. The blue raspberry one stained my tongue bright blue for a significant amount of time, the novelty wore off pretty quickly to be honest haha.

Super chewy nougat covered in dark chocolate - this is one of my favourites and only 190 calories for the whole bar.
If we had these in the UK, I would definitely be addicted!

I placed these sweets into my car as the current 'driving snack'.
I've never tried root beer before, however I can't say I'm overly impressed. These jellybean-like sweets reminded me of minty mouthwash to be honest, but I guess some people probably love these.

Who would have thought that salty pretzels and sweet chocolate would taste so good together?! This is another of my favourites.

A huge bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup, this would be fabulous on pancakes - mmm!

It was so much fun to look through the box and try out all of the different american candy items. I'm pleased to say that I loved more things than I hated and I do love trying new things, so it was a super fun experience!

If you would like to check out Taffy Mail, click HERE to go to their website. 

What's your favourite American candy? Also, do Aussies really call candy floss 'fairy floss'?

I hope you enjoyed reading this lovelies.

Thank you for stopping by,

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Primark Haul May / June 2016 Blog

Hello Everyone!

So yesterday, I  decided to pop into Primark. 
Here are the goodies that I found...

A selection of hair bobbles and bows which I thought were brilliant bargains for just £1.50

I couldn't leave this cute little lip balm. 
I picked it up simply because I loved the little pot that it came in. I could also imagine it looking sweet placed on my dressing table.
It was marked up at 80p but went through the till at 50p whoooo!!! 

This ditsy floral-print tank top which was just £4.
Unlike some Primark clothing, the material of this top actually feels really soft.

Finally, I bought this shiny metallic rose gold cosmetics bag for £5.
I'm going to use this for all of my nail polishes and nail-related accessories!

Have you been to Primark lately?

I think I'm going to go back next week, I want to check out their summer home ware, so keep your eyes out for another haul very soon :D

Thank you so much for visiting,

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Loves of Late! (Current Favourites)

Hello Everyone!

So today, I thought it would be fun to share my current favourites with you

So, first up is the Soap and Glory 'Daily Youth' foamy face wash. 
This is a truly amazing face wash. I currently use it to remove my makeup at night-time (simply because I love how it leaves my skin feeling), however I do think that the minty and uplifting scent would be more suited to mornings. 
It lathers up into a moisturising foam and after I've washed it off with warm water, my skin feels sooo fresh and cleansed free of makeup.

The next thing that I've been loving of late is this bracelet.
 I bought it from Debenhams a few months back and I've just been loving it. The delicate flower-shaped stones change colour depending on their surroundings, so for this reason it's a super easy piece to wear because it automatically co-ordinates with your outfit!

The 'Silky Underwear' dusting powder from Lush has been a staple of mine lately. 
It can be used for just about anything. I like to sprinkle some into my shoes in the morning (this keeps them scented of vanilla throughout the day), and I also like to dust some over my arms to make them feel silky soft. The scent of this is so subtle that it doesn't clash with perfumes so it can be used in conjunction with a perfume or on its own for a light and fresh scent.

These silky soft scrunchies have been used lots lately.
I've been sleeping with my hair in plaits, so that I have loose and effortless waves in the morning. These scrunchies are soft enough to not cause damaging friction on the hair. They also make a high ponytail look super cute too!

 Last week, I was in Boots and I bought this nail polish from Barry M on a whim. I think I was just trying to round my total spend up to £10. Anyway, I've been LOVING it! It's such a pretty colour for Summer time. It's subtle, delicate, and it doesn't clash with anything I wear. 
Barry M Nail Paint in 'Ballet Pink'

 And finally, I've been enjoying the classic Dove summer glow nourishing self tan.
I had been considering purchasing a high-end fake tan. After doing some research, I was feeling a little reluctant to go out and spend £25+ on something that I don't use all that much. Anyway, my Mum had a bottle of this in her cupboard so I thought I'd give it a whirl and it exceeded my expectations by miles!
I know that the high-end tans are probably spectacular when compared to this, but since I only tan every-so-often, when the weather gets good, I found this to be a lovely little product.

In the comments I'd love to know, what are your current favourite items / products?
I love finding new things to try out! 

 Thank you so much for visiting, lovelies


Home Decor Haul #1

Hello Everybody!

Since I'm going to be moving home very soon, I have been collecting lots of lovely home ware bits and bobs. All of these items have been bought over the past few months (so I'm sure they will still be available to buy). I have bought LOADS of items lately, so there's a high chance that you'll be seeing subsequent Home Decor Hauls.

The white fluffy cushion in the top left-hand side of the picture was £8 from Sainsburys and the sparkly mint-blue cushioins on the right are from ASDA, I bought 8 (4 of each pattern) because they were a bargain at just £3 each!

I bought this white cotton detailed 'Bittersweet Inn' duvet set set from TK Maxx for £24.99

This sparkly owl cushion was just £5 in Primark

I got these baby-pink bedding accessories from Primark.

The white antique-effect box was £8 from TK Maxx, the pink cups were £2 each in Sainsburys (I bought 6) and the white toase rack was just £3 in Sainsburys.

Not strictly home ware items, I'll admit, but I bought these especially for when we move. The bunny-print pajamas were £5 from Primark and the EOS Strawberry sorbet lip balm was from boots, I plan to place this on my white shabby-chic dressing table.

Thank you for stopping by, my loves.

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