7 Reasons to Love Spring

Hello Everyone!

You might have noticed that blog posts have been few and far between over on this little slice of the Internet. Well I've got a good excuse, my elderly laptop finally bit the dust. Let's all have a moment
of silence for Del (the brand of my old laptop was 'Del', I didn't just decide that my computer should
be named after an old man, that would be weird...)

Anyway, I'm now blogging from my iPad, which is definitely not the best way to blog but there is hope, once I've managed to save up some mula, I shall be splashing out on a shiny new laptop so that I can continue to blog to my hearts content!

So, I wanted to blog about Spring today because I flippin' love the season of happiness,
so here are 7 reasons to love Spring!

1.  Flowers-  as it's now March, snowdrops and tulips are beginning to pop up to say hello. I've also noticed that in my neck of the woods (England), there have been an abundance of brightly coloured, lemon-yellow daffodils. Personally I LOVE flowers, I think that they're the earths natural confetti, so I'm all for a good spring-time party.

2.  Longer Days / Lighter Nights-  I think this is a common favourite of Spring.
Light nights are just magical and they are the perfect excuse for tasty BBQs and Picnics!

3.  Spring cleaning- this can sound incredibly tedious, but when you think about it, spring cleaning could mean re-organising your makeup and / or nail polish collection, that can be a whole lot more fun!

4.  Pastels- I love, love, LOVE pastels and I think that Spring is the perfect time to debut some pastel-coloured goodies. Whether it be pastel nails, pastel clothes, pastel homeware or even pastel makeup, Spring is the ideal time to get your pastels out!

5.  Easter- it's all about baking, chocolate eggs, and Mr Kipling Easter-themed limited edition cakes and cream eggs.

Need I say more?!

6.  Waking up to birds tweeting outside the window. It's lovely to wake up early to sunshine anyway, but when you can hear the birds tweeting, you know it's Spring!

7.  Pink Blossom Trees-  as you may be able to tell from my blog, I love the colour pink, in particular, the colour blossom-pink and although blossom trees don't last for the whole season of Spring, I just think that they're truly beautiful.
If ever in the future, I'm fortunate enough to become rich, (it's not a highly likely prospect since I struggle to save for a laptop hehe) I won't go and spend my money on diamonds and new cars, I will buy a sweet little cottage down south somewhere, (preferably in the Cotswolds) and the cottage will have a thatched roof and a blossom tree in the garden.
Ahhh, blossom-tree daydreams- hehe see what I did there ;)

So there are my 7 reasons to love Spring!

If you also love Spring or you'd like to make an addition to the list, let me know in a comment below and until next time (when hopefully, I'll be blogging from a lovely new laptop),
keep well and thank you for stopping by x

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