Sunday, 8 November 2015

October Favourites!

Hello Daydreamers!

I normally have the monthly faves posts written before 25th of each month. This month, I've been really busy but luckily I've recently bought lots of new items so it was super easy to choose my favourite things from the month of October!
The first item I've been LOVING is this hello gorgeous over sized mug which I ordered from Avon. I really love Avon, there's something so fun about making a hot drink and flicking through the brochure (especially in autumn time) and then being excited for weeks about your goodies arriving. It stated in the brochure that this mug was over sized but I think I underestimated how big it would be. It's bigger than my face and holds soooo much hot chocolate. The scalloped edge and rose gold pattern makes it even cuter. I looooves it!
EDIT: Since so many of you were swooning for this mug, I've found the link to the AVON website, it's HERE
Another item that I bought from Avon was a rose gold bird trinket pot (I've been a big fan of anything rose gold lately). I placed this on my dressing table and it looks so sweet. There's a running theme of birds and owls around my room so this little guy fitted right in.

This lipstick has been on my Pinterest wish list pin board for so long now, it's the MAC peach blossom lipstick. Whilst shopping for my foundation in MAC, I decided to splash out and treat myself and I'm so glad I did. The formula is super creamy and it's a great colour for day or night : )

If you read my day in the life post, you'll have seen that I've been using the soap and glory peaches and clean cleanser of late. I just realy love this, it can be used as a creamy cleanser or as a face wash. It smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling super fresh.

And finally to go with my Avon mug, I've been loving Horlicks Hot Chocolate. I'm a fan of anything chocolaty so when I found this in Morrisons, I decided to give it a go since I also love Horlicks. I think this is the perfect hot drink for this time of year!

So I hope you enjoyed reading my October favourites. lovelies. 
Just think, the next favourites post will be for November and that means it will soon officially be Christmas season, ahhh the excitement is real!!!


  1. Your picks are so lovely! I love that little rose gold mug, it's so cute! I would love to try the peaches and clean, I bet the scent is incredible I must give it a sniff! Wonderful post dear! xxxxx

  2. That lipstick looks gorgeous! Will definitely have to pick it up next time I'm in a Mac store x

  3. oh such a cute cup, perfect for this season :)


    anna from

  4. Love that lipstick shade! :)

  5. That cup is all sorts of cute!!!!

  6. This mug is the cutest thing ever! I love every little detail of it. I didn't know Avon made other items apart from makeup, I'll have a look at their website :D The Mac lipstick is super pretty too, as you say they're so creamy and pleasant to use that it is well worth the money!
    Do you have Christmas related posts planned already then? :P

    Julia x
    Last post: talking about my favourite TV shows! |

    1. I didn't know either but Avon have now got a lovely home ware section and also sell lots of Christmas gifts! I've edited the post now so that people can find the mug on Avon's website : )
      As for Christmas, I sure do have a few posts planned and I'm contemplating whether to attempt blogmas this year which is something I'd love to do :D
      Thanks for commenting xx

  7. I need this mug in my life . I have heart eye emoji right now :)

  8. The mug is so cute! Love the peach blossom lipstick as well :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  9. I love Soap & Glory, but have never tried their cleanser.. I'll have to test this out soon :) x


  10. Such a cute post! I love soap & glory! x


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