Halloween Night In Routine!

  Hello Daydreamers!

Halloween seems to be becoming bigger and bigger over here in England and I couldn't be more thrilled by this.

This Halloween, we're going to go on a ghost walk. I've always wanted to do this because I'm one of those nutters who's fascinated with the paranormal, however I'm also a 'staying in with a box of chocs' kinda gal, so since Halloween falls on a weekend this year, I plan to have a girly night in on Friday and a spooky night out on Saturday!

Here are my plans for the Halloween night in...

Fairy Lights- It's a small thing but fairy lights in Autumn make me giddy with glee.

TV Corrie, Gogglebox and don't tell the bride! Admittedly none are all that spooky but I've never been a fan of scary films so soaps and reality TV will do just fine.

Pumpkin- Decorated This is a new one for me. I've never been a big fan of scooping smelly pumpkin pulp out of a pumpkin and practically spraining my arm whilst carving a face so inspired by Pinterest, I will be decorating a pumpkin with paint, glittter, and jewels! (such a cop-out, I know).

Lush Bath- Like every other beauty blogger on the planet, I am a LUSH ADDICT so of course I had to go ahead and pick up something from their Halloween range. The sparkly pumpkin bubble bar was the most appealing to me as it looks (and smells) sooooo good! Apparently, it makes the most beautiful pumpkin spice-scented bubbles!

Baking- Again, inspired by Pinterest I shall be making cute ghost cupcakes! I remember when I was about 12 I had a little Halloween party and my friend, Nathan actually brought along some homemade ghost cupcakes and we were all amazed at how good they looked this was back in about 2008 and way before Pinterest was a born. I'd completely forgotten about this until I saw them on Pinterest so this year, I am going to attempt to re-create them! Wish me luck because I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm so bad at baking that I could burn a jelly.

Pizza- Every celebration calls for pizza so we'll order a Dominos pizza... Yum!

Gingerbread Fudge Ice Cream I saw a new ice cream in ASDA and although it's ASDA's own, it is honestly better than any of the high-end Ice creams I've ever tried. I usually only buy Ben and Jerrys and haagen-dazs when it's on offer but this was only £2 since it includes gingerbread pieces, I thought it very fitting for this time of year.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my Halloween plans and general autumnal favourites.

I'd love for you to let me know about your Halloween-y plans in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, lovelies :D

Day in the Life- Autumnal Saturday!

Heeeelllloo Daydreamers

Saturday was a fun one, I decided that since I actually had plans, I'd make a day in the life post! Follow me on an errands run and shopping trip to Southport. 
(You'll also get a Christmas-y look around the range!)

Gahhh it's too early 

First task of the day done

I opened the curtains to be greeted with super thick fog- apparently this is a sign of a sunny day.

 A quick shower, face wash and a try out of my Lush sample item which is million dollar moisturiser and my face is ready for makeup...

I decided on just some light makeup, yanno only the essentials ; )

Hair and makeup done and it was only half 7!

The first thing to do was to run a few errands in Southport so a quick train journey and we were there.

Such beautiful views from the train, ahhh I do love England : )

Jobs done and just quick brew before we hit the shops!

We went into the cutest little bath shop where they sold sweet-scented bath bombs and soaps, similar to Lush. My mum bought kindly me this little bath melt which smells amazing and is now displayed on my dressing table!

In M and S, there were lots of Christmas home ware decorations and I just couldn't resist these gold glittery tealights which I think I will leave out all year 'round. I'll be hauling my shopping trip finds very soon.

 Once we got back from Southport, we decided to pop into the range, just for a little mosey around- well, they had all their Christmas things for sale which meant that there was glitter everywhere, this all excited me no end!
I bought this sparkly little guy and a few other bits and bobs...

This little bird cage was actually a tree decoration but I decided it looked just as good as an ornament so I took the cotton off the top and he is now happily perched on my desk.

This wooden glittery decoration was about £3 which I thought was a total bargain since it's around 1 meter long. I'm planning on dressing it up with fairy lights for Christmas!

When I got home, I popped on my bunny slippers (the most comfortable and soft things ever!) and made a brew, by this point I'm beginning to wonder if I have a tea addiction...

Cheers ; )

Later on in the evening, Strictly Come Dancing began- I absolutely love this show, it just reminds me of cozy autumn nights and it's such a fun, glittery lead up to Christmas!

Pinterest and the 'Winter edition Dairy milk' accompanied me for the show, Yum!

I hope you enjoyed my little day in the life post my lovelies!

What's in my bag? #2

Hello Daydreamers

I'm going to write an updated 'what's in my bag'. I decided that as everything in my bag has changed, it would be fun to redo this post.

The other week, I treated myself to a new handbag from Debenhams. The brand of the bag is called Floozie and they make the most beautiful girly bags, purses and lingerie. 

As a few of their items were on sale, I picked up a glossy light pink handbag which has gold coloured hardware and a sweet decorative key ring attached. 

Purse.  The first and probably most necessary item in my handbag is my purse.  I bought it from new look and it was a snip at only £5 in the sale!

Umbrella.  Another essential item for any Brit is an umbrella. The one I have is clear with unicorns printed on it and there are also pink frills along the edging. It sounds so tacky when I type it up but I really like all the little details on it. This is also from New Look.

Body Spray.  I got this in a gift set for my birthday and it's from Boots. It's a vanilla-scented body mist and it smells oh-so-good!

Essentials Bag.  This bag is accountable or keeping my bag neat and tidy. All the bits and bobs that would usually float around my bag can be neatly stored in here. Inside you'll find- a pink tangle teaser, a packet of strawberry chewing gum (my current addiction), Vaseline rosy lips, a packet of tissues, some minty chewing gum, a pen, a bottle of cherry blossom hand gel, three spare hair bobbles, a clear nail varnish (for any tights ladders) Nivea rosy lips balm, a concealer, some roll-on perfume and Nivea soft lips balm (if I didn't already have enough lip balm)

Flo Cosmetics Perfume Dispenser. I reviewed this a while back and I love it. It's basically a little bottle that holds a little bit of any perfume you like. This saves you from lugging the whole bottle around with you.

Strawberry Cupcake Hand Cream. This was featured in my latest Superdrug Haul. It's by the brand 'Patisserie De Barn' and is just a really cute little hand cream. It sinks in super fast which is a bonus.

So there's my updated 'what's in my bag?' 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, lovelies : )

30 Foodie Blog Post Ideas!

Hello Daydreamers,
 this post is actually my 100th post!

In this Fridays 'Weekend Writers' I'm making a list of food-related blog post ideas for all of you foodie bloggers out there.  

Anybody can make food posts- not just food bloggers. If your blog includes lifestyle posts, food posts will fit right in.

So without further ado, here are 30 food-related blog post ideas!

  • Quick and easy weekday recipes
  •   Your favourite cake recipe
  • Family recipes
  • Halloween Recipes
  • Healthy recipes
  • Favourite weekend food treats
  • Best mug cakes
  • Pinterest recipe attempts
  • Breakfast ideas
  • Cafe/Restaurant reviews
  • Starbucks recipes
  • Recipes that taste just as good the day after
  • Foods/Recipes that you never tire of
  • Best hot chocolate recipes
  • Your favourite comfort foods
  • Christmas Recipes
  • Winter Warmers- foods that you love to make in the winter time
  • 'What I eat in a day' post
  • No-bake baking recipes
  • Easy week-day lunches
  • Bonfire night recipes
  • Easy baking for kids ideas
  • On-the-go recipes
  • Food shopping haul
  • Foods you've never tried
  • An autumn picnic haul!
  • A secret reicipe that you're willing to share with your followers
  • Cheap but tasty recipes
  • Foods that are super popular in your city/town
  • Saturday night foodie faves!

So I hope that these come in handy for some of you in the near future!

Thank you for reading and feel free to follow me 
for free blogging ideas every Friday!

Superdrug Haul!

 Hello Daydreamers!

The other day, I noticed that Superdrug's online store had stoked up on all of their Christmas goodies and gifts. I absolutely LOVE Christmas and I also love online shopping, therefore browsing Christmas items for hours on end with a hot chocolate in hand is pure heaven to me! I decided to haul all the lovely little bits and bobs that I picked up.

1  I've wanted to buy Essie Fiji for sooo long now, I remember when all the bloggers were raving about this back in about 2012. I've never been able to pick it up in store so when I saw it online (the entire range of Essie is on Superdrug.com) I swooned and tapped 'add to basket' quicker than you can say pretty pink nails!

2  Sticking with the nail polish theme, I went ahead and picked up Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter polish. I actually saw this nail polish paired with Essie Fiji on Pinterest, it was applied with ombre effect and I fell in love with the cute colours and girly-ness of it.

3  I wanted to get a new hand cream to put in my new handbag. My new bag is pink so of course I needed to get a pink hand cream to match :p I have heard good things about this brand. When I noticed that the packaging was so sweet, I just couldn't leave it!

4  I saw these false nails by Elegant touch. They're a little different from the usual glue-on false nails, they're rounded in shape. As rounded nails are so in fashion right now I was super intrigued. They are also coluorless so you can paint them or even do some intricate nail art on them.

5  To go with my false nails, I added the superdrug brush on nail glue to my basket since I find brush on glue super easy to work with.

6  The final few things were actually impulse buys. The boxes of Maltesers and Minstrels chocolates are going into the Christmas eve boxes that I'm currently making for my family. They were £1 each and I love them because they always remind me of Christmas!

Ps I'd love for you to follow me, it would make my day! : )

September Favourites!

Hello Daydreamers!

It's that time again, October has rolled around and I'm well and truly ready for apple crumble and fairy lights! As September has waved goodbye for another year, here are my September Faves...

The first thing in my September faves are frilly socks... yes you read that right, frilly socks! I hummed and harred about including these but I figured that by now, you lot know I'm a little unhinged and also prone to blogging about odd things. I bought a few pairs from new look and have been hooked ever since. I think I've become a magpie for spotting them in shops, they're all around. I love them because they look great with brogues and small boots and they're just super cute! 
I've currently got frilly socks in: Dusky pink, Grey, Checkered, Navy, Beige, White and ditsy print- oooh yeah, I bet you're all so jealous of me ; ) 

I've been loving sparkles and glitter lately so when I spotted these beautiful twinkly nail polishes by Misa in my local hairdressing supplies, I couldn't leave them! They catch the light beautifully and their staying power is incredible, my nails remained chip free for one whole week. The polish is a little difficult to remove but it's a price I'm willing to pay for super shimmery nails.

Pinterest has been my go-to downtime activity lately. I think that in the cooler months, Pinterest really comes into its own. When it's chilly outside and you just want to light candles and drink hot chocolate, Pinterest is your perfect companion!
If you don't already follow me on Pinterest, you can view my Pinterest boards HERE if you'd like.

Every winter, I suffer from dry cracked lips and this year, I decided enough was enough and have begun applying lip balm early on so that by the time winter rolls around, I'll have super soft lips and able to be wear all the red lipstick I want! The lip balm I've been enjoying is 'born lippy' and it's from The Body shop. It's got a sweet, fruity scent and is great for wearing under lipstick and also solo; 'tis a good all-rounder this one!

Autumn is a time for lovely baths, in summer it's all about showers but as autumn approaches, I look forward to beautifully scented hot bubble baths! I'm actually SUPER excited for Lush to bring out their Halloween and Bonfire Night collection, I always like to go a little bit crazy and buy almost everything mainly because it's limited edition! I've been using so many of the bath bomb butterball. I've said it before but this is my all-time favourite bath bomb, I love it because it makes my skin feel so silky soft and it smells so vanilla-ry and delicious! I do wish it gave the bath some colour but the benefits this gives to the skin definitely outweigh a colour-less bath for me : )
I actually did a little Lush haul yesterday which you can read HERE if you missed it.

And finally, something I have been loving this September is chocolate, in particular, Cadbury Dairy Milk! I have this left over from my birthday and I don't know why but I always seem to associate autumn time with chocolate. I'm planning on looking up some creative hot chocolate recipes on you guessed it-Pinterest!

So there are my little favourties from the month of September, I hope you enjoyed reading this my lovelies

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