It's a LUSH Haul !

Hello Daydreamers

Today's post is going to be a Lush haul!
(Fun fact, my first ever blog post was actually a Lush Christmas bath haul) 
I've noticed that Lush have been slowly but surely introducing new items to their range. I've also spotted that a few original items have changed and got a new formula. 
I decided to treat myself to some lovely pastel-coloured sweet-scented delights because I simply couldn't resist!

I love to return home after a long day to a parcel filled with things like this!

So the first item that caught my eye was this Rose Jam Bubbleroon. It has had a makeover and now is shaped like a rose, it even has sparkles sprinkled over the top! The picture on the left is the old version of rose jam and I think the new one is a real improvement. 
This has been a firm favourite of mine for a while. The item is now much bigger and more in vibrant colour, despite the change, the scent has remained the same. It contains rose oil and cocoa butter and smells sweet and fresh at the same time. Anyone who knows me will know that I loath the scent of roses but remarkably, I'm an avid fan of this scent and item, go figure!

The next beauty that caught my eye was one of the new items, Milky Bath. This is a milk bottle shaped bubble bar with a built-in bath melt. If you're an avid fan of Lush, you'll be able to liken the 'lid' of the milk bottle to the 'star light star bright bath melt' which is annually a part of the Christmas range. It smells super comforting and includes cocoa butter and orange oil. I'm looking forward to using this on a brisk autumnal evening!

Although butterball gives the bath no colour, it has actually been a firm favourite of mine for a long time. It's scented like vanilla and cocoa butter and it fills the bath with silky essential oils. When you step out of the bath, you skin is sooo soft, your skin feels smooth, looks sleek and you smell fab!

I've read many positive reviews on this item and decided I'd give it a whirl. It's solid bath melt which is wrapped in a muslin cloth. I will definitely be reviewing this one to let you know what I think of it.

This one is a bath bomb and is oh-so-beautiful. It fizzes away to leave 7 real rosebuds which float on the bath water. The scent is fresh and floral but not at all overpowering and the smell lasts on your skin for a while.

Now I'll be honest here, this one was a bit of an impulse buy. I had never tried any of Lush's dusting powders before and I was intrigued. When I read that this one is scented with cocoa butter and gives the skin a velvety soft finish to the skin, I just couldn't resist. 

I was also a little intrigued with these little tabs of freshness! 
There was a array of toothy tabs and I hadn't ever tried them out. Apparently, they're super refreshing and easy to use, these will definitely be on the 'reviews to write' list.

 So there is is, my little Lush haul!

Oh I do love Lush :)

I'll be doing lots of Lush reviews in the near future!
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  1. Lush has the best packaging and prettiest looking products! I love the smell of that rose bubbleroon it's heavenly, and it looks prettier than ever! Lovely post dear! xxxxx

  2. I adore lush and I love reading other people's hauls! I've got the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and I'm SO excited to use it, I've been saving it for a special occasion, ha ha! I also bought Milky Bath on my last haul and I finally used it over the weekend, I can confirm its amazing and really bubbly! Enjoy!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  3. This haul has made me so excited about ordering from Lush! I'm going to place an order this week haha. The new Rose Jam looks so much better than the old version! And I'll be reading your review of the bath melt with the cloth, I'm really curious about it!
    Also, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards! I really enjoy reading your blog, and that's a way of letting you know it! If you'd like to see what this is all about, check out my post about it right here:

    Julia xx

  4. The items you bought sound amazing! I have actually never tried any Lush products as we don't get them here!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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