Fringe/Bangs Without the Cut!

Hello Daydreamers!

Today, I wanted to show you lovely lot a quixk and easy way to achieve a fringe / bangs without having to cut your hair.

This technique can provide you with a fun way of foreseeing how you would look with a fringe, before you make the commitment of going for the chop! It's also a simple way to change up your look every now and then - perfect for if you're super indecisive.

(I hope you'll excuse the pink/ purple tone to my hair, it's just a semi-permanent toner and was in the process of fading at the time)

So if you're keen to "get the look without the cut", read on...

1 Lift all of your hair up to the top of your head and securely tie in a high pony tail.

2 Take a section from the pony tail (this section will be the 'fringe', so make it a thick or as thin as you would like the fringe to be) and pin it down with bobby pins.

3 Now, turn the rest of the pony tale into a bun- you could use a doughnut ring, curl the hair and make a messy bun or just backcomb it like I did. 
Top tip: Be sure to cover those bobby pins.

4 This step is super important because the hair that is now your fringe will be very straight, it may stick outwards at a gawky angle, (and you may resemble a scarecrow) - but fear not - once you've curled the hair under with a pair of straighteners, you'll be looking like a beauty!

5 Now, you'll be able to see that if you had created a pony tail that's too low down, it would become evident that the fringe descends from within the bun. By initially creating pony tail that is high atop your head, the join of the fringe is made far less visible. 

6 I went ahead and wrapped a hairband around the bun, this helped to fully conceal the 'fringe' join.

So there you have it.
Hopefully, you can now decide whether you're ready to pop down to the hairdressers!

I hope you found this interesting, lovelies. If you do try this out, let me know what you thought of your new look!

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  1. What, this is the BEST idea ever!!! I love this, I am seriously going to try this! I am a person who always cuts a fringe then regrets it so this is honestly the best alternative ever! Awesome post! XO -Kim

  2. This is such a fun tip! I used to pull my ponytail over my forehead when I was younger to see if I suited a fringe but this is waaaay better haha!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. This looks stunning on you.. I think I'll definitely have to look into giving this a go.
    A fringe can look so pretty but I don't think it's something I could commit to full time - this hairstyle will definitely help with that!


    Small&Blonde ♥

  4. This look is great, I'd never thought about faking a fringe like that. And it looks rather vintage to me, which is always good! Not sure it'll work with my curly hair though, I'd have to straighten everything :P

    Julia xx
    Check out my post showing you the rooftops of Paris here:

  5. Omg this is so cute, i wish i had longer hair to pull this off =]

  6. Wow this is a great idea, and you look amazing :)

    Sonam -

  7. Such a good idea! :)


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