The Best Eyeshadow Palette!

Hi Daydreamers!

Recently, I've been really lucky on Twitter for 2 reasons...

 I reached 800 followers- whaaaat- crazy, just crazy.

 ♥ I won a competition!

 Lovely Nice host a blogger chat every Tuesday- #FABbloggers. At the end of the chat, they offered us the chance to win a collection (previously collection 2000) eyes uncovered nude palette. Well, with me being me and always up for a competition, I couldn't resist! The super pigmented shadows in the palette were just saying 
"enter it, we'll look beautiful all year around and we're sooo versatile"
So I did and now I'm going to review it : )

This is a very wearable palette, the colours are all natural and all include a subtle shimmer/ highlighter. You could wear these colours day or night any season. 

The box is very compact and securely closes with a magnet, making it perfect to just throw into your handbag if you want to top up your makeup throughout the day/ night.

The texture of each eyeshadow is very velvety making them perfect for building colour and blending. The pigmentation is impeccable and the staying power of the eyeshadow is also amazing.

There are 6 shadows in the box and they do have names which I like as I find it so uninspiring when an eyeshadow is called 'number 1'

The eyeshadows are called... 
○ Ivory
 ○ Mink
 ○ Ochre
 ○ Golden Brown
 ○ Ember
  ○ Nutty

 The palette retails for £3.99 from Boots which I think its a total bargain and I really recommend it : )

Thank you so much for reading lovelies,


  1. Congrats for the winning and for the followers on Twitter ^_^
    The palette looks lovely!

    xoxo Afrodite ~ BubblyBeauty135

  2. I have this palette and I love it I use it most days

  3. Congratulations on the win and on the followers, that's amazing! That palette looks gorgeous! xxxxxx

  4. Pretty!! :) Been thinking of getting one of their palettes and now after seeing it on several blogs I'm really wanting to. Congrats on the 800 Twitter followers! & winning the competition! :)

  5. Congratulations for your 800 Twitter followers and for winning the palette, how lucky! The colours are beautiful, and well-pigmented considering the price of the product! Collection seems to have a lot of good products :)

    Julia xx
    | |

  6. Congratulations on winning!! That's awesome!

    And this pallette looks gorgeous!!! Love it! And this post is really really awesome,have a great day lovely xxxx

  7. such a nice colors :)


    anna from

  8. That palette is so cute, the shades reminds me of the Naked 3 palette shades:) I nominated you for the Versatile Blogging award, all details are on my blog :) xxx

  9. This palette looks gorgeous! and looks so affordable too!


  10. those eyeshadows are so nice for being from the drug store! I wish we had boots here in the states!

  11. You lucky duck for winning such a great palette! I wish we had Collection in Australia so that I could try all of these much raved about products :)

    Shannon xx |

  12. Congrats, the palette looks great! Such lovely colours.


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