What's in My Bag?

Hello Daydreamers!

How are you all? Good, I hope. 
I have been out and about a lot of late and whenever I'm ready to leave the house, I do a mental check-list to ensure I have everything I may need throughout the day. As I have added more and more to my handbag over the past few weeks, I have released that I keep soooo much of my life in my bag- as I'm sure many of you also do, and I decided it was time for me to do a 'what's in my bag' post.

So this is my handbag, I bought it very recently from Primark. It is a blush-coloured bowler bag with gold (not real of course) hardware and I love it! It goes with pretty much any outfit and with it being a light-coloured bag, I find it's very fitting for spring.

So the first thing I picked out of my handbag was the thing I think everyone has with them at all time nowadays and that is my mobile phone. I couldn't photograph this because I use my phone to take pics, It's nothing fancy just an iPhone 4s.

The next thing that I like to have with me at all times is a lipstick or lip balm of some sort. I usually have 3 or 4 floating around the bag but since I had just sorted it out, this was the lip balm that make the cut. It's by Nivea, cherry flavored, gives the lips a rosy glow and is quite moisturising.

Of course, I always have my purse in my bag. I got this purse from Primark and have a bag that matches it. I think it was about £6 and has lasted me 6 months so far and is still going strong!

There is always a collection of hair things and abandoned jewellery in my bag- I wear the accessories on in the morning and then throughout the day, they begin to annoy me and end up being demoted to my bag.

This hand cream has been in my bag for ages. It's not moisturising at all so I wouldn't really recommend it. However it does smells good- it's really fruity and fresh.

  I seem to spend my life moving my hairdressing scissors from my handbag into my college bag and vice versa. I need them for when I'm at college but if I ever I forget to pack them back into my handbag, somebody at home wants me to cut their hair- typical!

And the final thing in my bag is this umbrella that I have had for soooo long now, I don't even know where it came from. Since I live in England, you can't leave the house without one because your hair will for sure be ruined! Also, It's pretty lightweight too so I don't mind carrying it around.

So that is a little tour of my handbag,
I hope you found this interesting.

I have a slightly different post written and ready to be uploaded this Sunday, I think you will like it so keep your eyes peeled! : )


  1. I love Nivea lip butters my favourite has to be the watermelon one xx
    Great post xx

    1. Ooh yes, that is also a firm favorite of mine : ) They're fab aren't they! xx

  2. Love your bag! I always find these posts interesting as I have always been one of those weird people with tiny handbags. I literally just take my purse, phone, lip balm and a lipstick when I go out.


  3. Cute bag and great essentials


  4. Looks like you don't bring too much stuff with you. I always get my bag super heavy I think it's bad for my shoulder.

    ★ meilijourney.blogspot.com ★

  5. Great post Georgia & I like the umbrella. It's SO CUTE. I was in shock when I saw this post because the "What's in my bag?" post was on my idea list! Haha.

  6. I really love that bag, will have to pick one up! xx

  7. Love this post gal!! So many awesome things and just generally well written,and amazing! Keep doing you gurlie xxx


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