Collection Speedy Blush Sticks Review

Hello Daydreamers!

Today I wanted to share with you my new fave...
It's the Collection Speedy Blush Sticks!!

When I first saw these in Boots, the first thing I noticed was how chunky they are, meaning you get plenty of product. They are super creamy and give a lovely glow. These don't need to be sharpened- you just twist them like a lipstick and the blusher rises making possible for you to use up whole product- not in one sitting of course, that would make you appear a little crazy and would also be a right waste :P

The first time I saw them, I just picked up 'Cheeky' which is a lovely peachy/ amber colour. After using it everyday for 2 weeks, I decided I had to get the other 2 colours. 
There is 'Pinch Me' a lovely deep plum shade, I can't wait to wear this come September/ Autumn time when the fashion changes to deep earthy tones!
And finally there is 'Tickled Pink' which is a delicate ballet pink, this is very versatile and really would suit any complexion and season. I'm particularly looking forward to wearing Tickled Pink this Summer. 

They're perfectly named because applying one of these blushers really is a speedy process, they are super creamy and very blendable.
You also will not need a highlighter in conjunction with one of these blushers because they are so silky, they give the cheeks a real rosy glow.

Collection suggests using a brush to blend the blush into the apples of your cheeks, however I've taken a liking to just blending it with my fingers- I know, I know, it's not the most hygienic way to apply makeup but I'm ALWAYS in a rush in the morning and I've also found that for me, it's not only the easiest way of applying cream blushers but also the most effective.

The Collection Speedy Blush Sticks retail in Boots for £3.99 each but at the moment they are on offer at £2.99- I'm not sure how long this will last for but if you're interested, get there asap, they really are a bargain.

Have you tried the new Collection Speedy Blush Sticks yet?

Lush Cupcake Face Mask Review

Hello Daydreamers!

For a while now, I've been wanting to try out a Lush face mask.
I read several good reviews on the Lush website about Cupcake so decided to give it a whirl.

Cupcake currently retails for £6.50 for 75g. The product itself should be kept refrigerated because it includes fresh ingredients and only natural preservatives. Lush recommend that you use all of the product up within 3 weeks of purchase but I've had mine for 5 weeks now (such a rebel), kept it in the fridge and it still works fine.
I personally like that the face mask needs to be kept in the fridge because I think that the calming effect of a mask in magnified when the mask is cool and refreshing!

Now, onto the performance of the mask. The ingredients packed into this mask include rhassoul mud and cocoa powder which work together in unison to draw the dirt and impurities from your pores, leaving your skin fresh and cleansed. When you go to smell this mask, you will notice that there is a secondary scent of mint. Peppermint is known to actively encourage the regrowth skin cells and also tone the skin- needless to say, this mask is quite the multitasker!

I have found that on a number of occasions, this little mask managed to clear up my skin. On one occasion, I had lots of redness and irritation on my cheeks, (I assumed that it was due to a high pollen count as I suffer from hay fever), cupcake calmed and illiminated the redness of my skin, leaving it viably soothed. On another occasion, I had several sore breakouts which just wouldn't go - no matter how many deep cleanses I did, those pesky spots remained stubborn. I used cupcake one night, left it on for around 15 minutes, rinsed it off with warm water and applied a light moisturiser. The spots and irritation instantly disappeared, my skin cleared up fully within the next two days and I was amazed!
On the website, Lush state that this mask is made for oily skin as it has mattifying properties, I was not aware of this until I had bought it (I have fairly dry skin), and yes cupacke does completely remove any trace of oil but I found it still added moisture in my skin - I'm thinking that maybe this could be due to the cocoa butter?

The scent of the mask is very unusual and I wasn't a huge fan of it, however my brother thinks it smells great so it's definitely a matter of opinion. It's a strong scent which smells like chocolate mixed with mint and kinda resembles cookie dough.  
I did not need to use a lot of product for a full face application and I estimate that I will would get around 20 uses from one 75g tub. That is about 33p per application - considerably cheaper that a spa treatment!
All in all, I have found that this little mask really does do what it says on the tin. 
I use this when I'm having a 'bad skin day' and it never fails to rescue me. 

Have you tried any lush face masks? 

3 Blog(ger)s That Will Make You Smile : )

Hello Daydreamers!

I've been really fortunate with Blossoming Daydreams.
 This blog has received some lovely comments and often when this happens, I take a look at the comment-ers profile/ blog. 

Since starting Blossoming Daydreams back in November, I have found lots of lovely bloggers and blogs. As I haven't yet spoke of my favorite blogs, I thought I ought to write a post about them today.

Up first is Fleur of Fleur Danielle- Fleur's blog is super duper modern. I love how it is so crisp and clear! Fleur's blog is packed full of hauls, reviews and general blogging tips (which have been really helpful to me in the past) Along with her blog theme, her writing style is really easy to read and super calming- I don't know how she does it, but if you already read her blog you will know and understand what I mean. To sum it up, her blog is a good mix of everything and ticks all the boxes!

T of Primer Pink I came across Primer Pink after receiving a comment on my Home Corners- Desk post. I had a little look at her blog and found it so refreshing to find beauty DIYs and wishlists! Her blog really is a positive little place packed full of healthy living ideas and motivational posts. 
The theme colour of her blog is as you'd imagine- Pink and is definitely the kind of blog that you can just sit down to with a cup of tea! 
P.s there is the best (and easiest) body scrub DIY you have ever seen waiting for you over on Primer Pink, quick go see!

Julia of Julia Speaks writes lovely long posts about her travels- which always look such lovely adventures! Pictures of scenic views are plentiful and I always leave her blog feeling like I've been on a day out! Julia also writes posts on fabulous OOTDs and I always love the outfits she puts together- we definitely have the same style! 
She also occasionally writes reviews on makeup products (these reviews are always super in-depth and include pictures too) and all in all, her blog is super helpful for reviews and very interesting and a calming read for travel posts :D

 I would love for you to check them out as I think all 3 will be a fabulous and refreshing addition to your reading list!

I'd also love to know about your favorite 3 blogs too so feel free to leave a comment below : )

What's in My Bag?

Hello Daydreamers!

How are you all? Good, I hope. 
I have been out and about a lot of late and whenever I'm ready to leave the house, I do a mental check-list to ensure I have everything I may need throughout the day. As I have added more and more to my handbag over the past few weeks, I have released that I keep soooo much of my life in my bag- as I'm sure many of you also do, and I decided it was time for me to do a 'what's in my bag' post.

So this is my handbag, I bought it very recently from Primark. It is a blush-coloured bowler bag with gold (not real of course) hardware and I love it! It goes with pretty much any outfit and with it being a light-coloured bag, I find it's very fitting for spring.

So the first thing I picked out of my handbag was the thing I think everyone has with them at all time nowadays and that is my mobile phone. I couldn't photograph this because I use my phone to take pics, It's nothing fancy just an iPhone 4s.

The next thing that I like to have with me at all times is a lipstick or lip balm of some sort. I usually have 3 or 4 floating around the bag but since I had just sorted it out, this was the lip balm that make the cut. It's by Nivea, cherry flavored, gives the lips a rosy glow and is quite moisturising.

Of course, I always have my purse in my bag. I got this purse from Primark and have a bag that matches it. I think it was about £6 and has lasted me 6 months so far and is still going strong!

There is always a collection of hair things and abandoned jewellery in my bag- I wear the accessories on in the morning and then throughout the day, they begin to annoy me and end up being demoted to my bag.

This hand cream has been in my bag for ages. It's not moisturising at all so I wouldn't really recommend it. However it does smells good- it's really fruity and fresh.

  I seem to spend my life moving my hairdressing scissors from my handbag into my college bag and vice versa. I need them for when I'm at college but if I ever I forget to pack them back into my handbag, somebody at home wants me to cut their hair- typical!

And the final thing in my bag is this umbrella that I have had for soooo long now, I don't even know where it came from. Since I live in England, you can't leave the house without one because your hair will for sure be ruined! Also, It's pretty lightweight too so I don't mind carrying it around.

So that is a little tour of my handbag,
I hope you found this interesting.

I have a slightly different post written and ready to be uploaded this Sunday, I think you will like it so keep your eyes peeled! : )

April Favourites!

Hello Daydreamers! 

So somehow, it's now May! 
 I know it's a little late but better late than never eh? 
Here are my April Favorites...

First up in my April Favorites is the Lush Cupcake Mask which I featured in a Lush haul, I noted that it isn't my favorite scent from Lush however, I've found that this mask has cleared my skin up brilliantly on a number of occasions. Throughout April this little gem has saved my skin and I'm very grateful of this! I have a full review planned for this so keep an eye out if you're interested.

The next thing I've been loving is the Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. I've never had dry cuticles before- until a few weeks back. I tried various hand creams from Boots and ASDA but they were all quite watery and just made my hands smell nice without the moisturizing properties. 
I read that this was a fab product so when I made a Lush order online, I requested a sample, I've had it about a month now used it almost everyday and it is still going strong. It does what is says on the tin- literally! 
I'm definitely going to buy the full size version, it will last a lifetime!

Up next is the Lush Lip Service Lip Balm (I'm sensing a theme here) this is a firm favorite of mine. If you have really dry lips then I would for sure recommend this, its buttery and not sticky, it also sinks in pretty quickly as well.

I featured the next favorite in my May Primark haul, I bought this Water Bottle in an attempt to start drinking more water and it has really worked! I can take it out and about with me and the drink always stays fresh. I've also enjoyed adding a few sliced lemons to the water as I've heard that lemon water is good for detoxing and it tastes good too.

And finally my last favorite of April is this Silver Shampoo. After being a Brunette for about 5 years, I have decided to go back Blonde for summer! I was super excited but also a little nervous because Blonde hair needs a bit more maintenance however, I surprisingly managed to go from Brown to Blonde one appointment and now I have just been toning my hair every so often with this. It keeps unwanted yellow tones away and makes my hair look fresh and light : )

I hope you found this interesting, if you have a blog and have done an April faves post, do let me know in the comments I love reading favorites posts!

Primark Haul May 2015

Hello Daydreamers!

(how do you all feel about being called 'Daydreamers'?
 I thought it was a cute name with this blog being Blossoming Daydreams but do let me know what ya think :D)

The first thing I got was this light blue gypsy top- they seem to be coming into fashion for summer so hopefully I'll be on-trend! The material is really lightweight and I imagine it will be nice and cool in hot weather.

In a previous Primark haul, I picked up the blush version of these sandals, I found them pretty comfy and very versatile so on this trip I decided to get the mint ones- I do love mint for summer!

This three-wick candle caught my eye purely because of the scent- sweet coconut and vanilla- It sounded lovely and it smell sooo good

I got another pair of leggings. I never used to wear leggings but now it's a different story, they are so comfy, I have been missing out on the luxury of leggings!

I've had my eye on this fluffy white throw for a few weeks now, then on my last trip to Primark, they had sold out, so when I saw they had re-stocked I grabbed it! It's super soft and looks lovely at the end of my bed

 I wanted a new cushion for my desk chair and this on matches my room so I picked it up.

And finally, I saw this cute little water bottle. I have been trying to consume more water of late and I thought this would be handy for taking drinks out and about. It has cute pastel coloured owls printed on it and is probably marketed at 7 year olds but I don't care, I think it's sweet :D

I hope you  enjoyed this May Primark haul
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