Primark False Nails Review

Whilst pottering around the beauty section of Primark, I came across these false nails and thought they looked oh so cute! At only £1 a pack, I couldn't leave them and picked up my 2 favorite designs.

Left- Blush pink with roses, leaves and daises.      
Right- Powder blue with branches and cherry blossom.

In the pack, you get 24 nails and adhesive is included.

Good Points 

  ♥  There are a variety of sizes in the pack, so chances are, you will find a perfect fit.
The nails aren't too raised in the centre- a problem I find with many false nails is that they are too curved, meaning after application, the nail is not fully stuck down, leading to the nail soon falling off.

♥  The Price is amazing, I went on holiday to Center Parcs a few weeks ago and wore these. I applied them on the Sunday, we went Monday to Friday, did a whole lot of swimming and outdoor activities and they stayed solid! They continued to stay until the Wednesday after (10 days after initial application) one pinged off whilst I was doing the dishes, since the others still looked and felt good, I stuck it back on (with my own glue, I will mention this later) and they all lasted another 5 days! Altogether, 15 days of cute nails for £1.

 The Only Bad Point

The glue supplied is not the best. If you intend on just using them for a night out/ one day occasion, the nails should be alright, but its not the best quality adhesive and the nails wont last for days. The glue is also in a small tube with a nozzle and it can be difficult to squeeze the glue evenly onto the nail.
 I used a nail glue I bought from boots by the brand
Elegant Touch, it is a brush on nail glue (it just looks like a clear nail polish) and is so easy to work with, you can apply as much or as little as you like and I would thoroughly recommend it. It is only £3.10 and I've used it for about 7 sets of nails and it looks like I've hardly used any. 

I will definitely be going back to Primark and stocking up on these little gems, they are great! 

Have you tried the Primark Fashion Nails yet?


  1. I have never tried false nails before but the cherry blossoms one look really pretty and for the price I thing nothing will beat it!
    thanks for sharing this amazing find Georgia. :-)

    Jo of

  2. I love having nice nails and these look lovely! I've got plenty of nail glue anyway, so no worries :) definitely hitting Primark tomorrow! x


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