Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lush Star Light Star Bright Review

I included the star light, star bright bath melt in this Lush haul and noted that it is extremely glittery, I was intrigued by this novelty and after trying it out, decided to do a review on this shiny little gem!

                         As you can see, there is a lot of loose, glittery powder
                            that transfers onto the surface/ your hands
       As soon as the star hit the water, the excess glitter sank to the bottom of the tub and the star began to slowly spin.
Picture taken after about one minute- the melting oils began to disperse outwards into the water.

       After another minute, deep midnight Blue swirls began to circle the star.
 As you can see, this is after all the glitter had dispersed and much of the star had turned the water buttery and smooth.
 The bath water was left this lovely pastel Blue colour and although the picture doesn't do it any justice, you can see the glitter particles are plentiful yet delicate. 

After the bath, my skin was left feeling moisturized and smelling clean- mainly citrus-y although it was not too overpowering. The glitter that stayed on my skin was twinkly but didn't look tacky- more like a highlight, and it resembled the body shop sparkler spritz. Very Christmas-y!

All in all, a very good product which I will definitely be stocking up on before it disappears for another year...

Have you tried the Star Light Star Bright bath melt, or any of the limited edition Lush Christmas range yet?

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  1. OMG! I love this review! I really want to go try Lush bath bombs now! They look so neat.


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