Lush Christmas Haul

This is my first blog post, and I decided I wanted it be about something I really love. I thought long and hard and came to the conclusion- I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE Lush... the perfect pair! So without further ado, here is a little Christmas Lush haul for you! 

Mmmm... it all smells so good!

From back left to right-
"Butterbear"  Smells identical to Butterball with a sweet, yet mild vanilla scent.      
"Snow Fairy shower gel" (100g) To me this one smells just like the bubblegum lip scrub, sweet and sugary. I was super excited to see there are little iridescent sparkles within the fuchsia gel too.                            
"Candy Mountain"  This one smells very similar to Snow Fairy, just less pungent.        
"Golden Wonder"  I find Golden Wonder a real wonder! It looks plain Yellow when you hold and admire it however, when you place it back down, you're left with gold fingers- which in my opinion can only be explained as magic! It smells like oranges and all things citrus.                    
3 free samples-  "Lip Service", "Ocean Salt" and "Enchanted eye cream" as I bought my Lush goodies online, I was allowed to request 3 samples and these are the ones I chose.    
"Magic Wand"  Another sweet scented one, apparently this can be used up to 6 times which sounds great to me- the more Lush baths, the better!                               
"Christmas Eve"  This one is unusual, and to be honest I'm not sure if I'm crazy on the scent, it is very floral and if my memory serves me correctly, it's similar to the Dorothy bubble bar- that's not to say it doesn't look beautiful though, it's a deep, midnight blue with a yellow moon crescent.  
"Star Light, Star Bright"  Oh my, this one is ah-mae-zing! It's a bath melt coated in finely milled SILVER GLITTER and when I say coated- I mean coated. This one smells like a mixture of scents, sweet yet floral with a hint of citrus I cant quite put my finger on its exact smell. Also I didn't fancy sniffing too much as I'd run the risk of sneezing silver dust for the next 3 days- not a great look. 
So there it is, my Christmas Lush haul. I'm yet to try out these products so once I've given them a whirl, I may do some reviews and also, I have quite a few Christmas-y posts planned  so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

What is your favorite Lush product? Have you tried anything from the Christmas range yet?


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  1. These all look and sound divine! Happy first blog post :) x

    The Belle Narrative


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